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amera city ruins After having a lot of fun with some of Amera’s smaller pieces of vacuum formed wargaming terrain, we’re back with a with a review of something a little bigger. We previously looked at Amera’s Forward Command Bunker and Battlefield Craters (see the review here) and we are now able to show you the (Z214) City Block Ruins, again from Amera’s Future Zone range aimed at 25-28mm wargaming.

The City Block Ruins (Z214) are available from and are priced at £9.95 which represents great value for money, especially for such a large terrain piece (Dimensions: 19cm x 25cm x 25cm).

Here are the City Block Ruins as they were delivered to us in their retail packaging. As you can see, this product consists of the same vacuum formed white plastic as the previous Amera products we reviewed.

amera city ruins 1


On opening the package and laying everything out, you can see there is quite a bit in there. We’ve got the two main walls, the floor, 3 additional floor levels, some buttresses and and additional sheet of plastic along with instructions for making some internal walls should you wish to do so.

amera city ruins 2


Each of the vacuum formed sheets in the kit will have a lip of unneeded plastic around the edges, which can be easily removed with a craft knife. Below is a shot of us removing some of the unneeded plastic edging on the main floor piece. As you can see, the floor piece is nicely textured with the rubble and debris you would expect to find in a ruined building.

amera city ruins 3


The windows in the outside walls of the ruin come filled with plastic as standard. We believe you have a few options here, you could leave the plastic in and paint the windows with your desired glass effect, cut jagged shapes out of the windows and paint them as broken glass, or as we chose to do, you can cut them out completely.

amera city ruins 4


Here are the walls with all of the extra plastic removed, the plastic is easy to cut with a craft knife so this was a quick job. These ruined walls are textured with subtle cuts and cracks which should look great once painted.

amera city ruins 5

amera city ruins 6


Also supplied in the kit are 3 buttresses which can be attached to the outside of the building to give it a heavy, fortified look.  They have already been trimmed in the picture below.

amera city ruins 7


This is a large kit with 4 levels in total. We showed you the ground floor earlier, here are the top 3 floors, complete with rubble details.

amera city ruins 8


One nice touch is that Amera have included an additional sheet of plastic, along with instructions on how to add your own internal walls to the ruin, to personalise and reinforce the terrain piece. We felt that the ruin was strong enough for general gaming without the addition of internal walls, but its good to know this is possible if desired.

amera city ruins 9


And here is our assembled City Block Ruin! In the first picture you can see the complete model with buttresses, but we decided not to include them on our finished piece so that the ruin would fit in better with our current gaming terrain. We’ve included one of Games Workshop’s 28mm Space Marine models to give you an idea of the size of this terrain piece.amera city ruins 10

amera city ruins 11

amera city ruins 12

amera city ruins 13

amera city ruins 14


We mounted our City Block Ruin on a 12 inch square piece of hardboard, added some gravel around the base, and gave it a quick paint job – We think it looks great! Again, a Space Marine has been included for scale.

amera city ruins 15

amera city ruins 16

amera city ruins 17


We’re really happy with this product, it was easy to put together, and would look great on any gaming table. At £9.95 from we think that the (Z214) City Block Ruins is excellent value for money, and remembering that it constructed from vacuum formed plastic sheets, its lightweight should you need to store or transport it.

If you’d like to order one of Amera’s Ruins or just take a look at the rest of their range, head over to


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