Anvil Industry Miniatures and Conversion Parts Review…

Anvil Industry are a UK based company who manufactures and sells their own range of 28mm scale miniatures, bases and conversion parts. After looking around their site, we were dying to get our hands on some of the cool weapons and bionic arms, and so we put an order in. Read on below for the full review of what we ordered…


Here at Graven Games, we’re always on the lookout for companies who produce interesting 28mm conversion parts and accessories. We play many wargames such as Games Workshop’s Warhammer 40k and get a lot of fun out of building and converting our own cool models to fight it out on the battlefield/tabletop. Buy purchasing 28mm conversion parts from a company like Anvil Industry we are able to more easily create the models we really want, and personalise our armies to our hearts content. We decided to order a selection of various parts across the range that Anvil Industry sells (including a few newly added products) to give you a good idea of what you can expect.

The first part of our order is made up of a selection of body parts designed to create a 28mm heroic scale soldier that Anvil Industry have called their ‘Steam Lords’. Here from top left to bottom right we have; Medieval Legs – Static, Praetorian Armoured Legs – Static, Fusion Backpack (medieval), Tech helmet, Renaissance Torso, Spartan Torso, and a Pair of Spartan Shoulder Pads.



Reverse view of the above:



We also ordered a selection of melee weapons including a Chain Glaive and a Riot Shield along with a couple of arms to hold them.

Of course we couldn’t resist the guns, so we also ordered a selection of Rifles and pistols including the various ammo belts, scopes, Grenade Launcher and even a Chainsaw Bayonet!


Now as you can see, all of the above are really cool accessories …but here is what we were most excited about, a selection of multi pose Bionic Arms (these ones are Marine scale)

anvil-industry-6…and the reverse:



We’ll come back to the Bionic Arms later in the review, but for now lets examine the rest of the parts we received. As you can see from the pictures above, these conversion parts have some really nice details on them. We particularly liked the various cables and mechanical workings shown on the back of the legs and the tiny bullets shown in the magazines and ammo belts. The parts are cast in a grey resin and needed just a little cleaning up with a knife/file when they arrived, but nothing major. We believe that some of these parts have been sculpted by hand and some by computer as a few of the pieces, most notably the guns and the Fusion Backpack have super sharp details, they’re really very nice. So what does a Steam lord look like once we’ve built him using these parts? By combining the Tech Helmet, Spartan Shoulder Pads, Renaissance Torso and Medieval Legs, along with a Chain Glaive and Riot Shield we came up with this bad boy:





And by swapping in the Spartan Torso and Praetorian Armoured Legs along with a standard bladed Glaive we ended up with this guy:



Here is a size comparison shot with a Steam lord on the left and one of Games Workshop’s Space Marines on the right:



As both ranges are of the same scale the parts can be mixed and matched to create models of your own design, here is a character built using the torso, legs and right arm from a Space Marine and the head, backpack and left arm from Anvil Industry, as you can see all parts fit nicely.


Ok, we promised we’d come back and look at the Bionic Arms too, and they were worth waiting for! These Bionic arms are available in 3 different sizes which fit normal sized humans, super humans and walking tanks. We tested them out and found that the smallest size fit well on Imperial Guard and Tau models, the medium size is perfect for Space Marine conversions and the largest size are a good match for Space Marine Terminators or larger Ork models, so we’re sure that no matter which game system you play, you’ll be able to find a size that fits. The thing we love the most about these arms is that you can position them however you like due to the tiny elbow joint and separate hand. Each arm is made of 3 pieces and fits together like this:



This picture give you an idea of size, the smaller is the marine sized arm, and the larger is what we used on our Terminators. The medium sized arms have the added bonus of coming with a couple of bionic hands included.

The Bionic Arm sprues each come with enough parts to make 4 complete arms, and because these arms are made of symmetrical parts you can actually use these as either left or right arms. Here at Graven Games, we really think these Bionic Arms are a step forward for conversion parts and we are really looking forward to upgrading some our models with these multi-pose bionic limbs.

Overall we’ve seen some really great stuff from Anvil Industry. Some of the parts do appear to have slightly sharper details than others, but we think we can easily find a place for all of these parts in our conversions. The stars of the show are definitely Bionic Arms, and we also really liked all of the ranged weapons, and also the Fusion Backpack …in fact we’re already thinking about using the Fusion Backpack as the basis for a Techmarine Servo-harness conversion.

For all of the conversion parts shown above, and lots more, head over to

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