Battlefield Hardfoam Terrain Review

battlefield hardfoam terrainToday we are testing out range of 28mm wargaming terrain from, a polish company which previously made up half of Micro Art Studio. Basicks is now a completely separate company and specialises in scenic bases, terrain, and conversion parts, plus a small range of 28mm & 70mm miniatures. Today’s review looks at the range of Battlefield Hardfoam Terrain, a product that we were interested in trying out as we were unfamiliar with Hardfoam.

Here you can see the first piece of Hardfoam Terrain we ordered, the Pump Station which is priced at 24,60 € (£19.85 / $31.17) This is a substantially sized piece of terrain with the following dimensions:  Length: 15 cm/6″ Width: 17 cm/6,8″ Height: 7 cm/2,8″.

battlefield hardfoam terrain 1


The Pump Station kit is made up of just two pieces, the Hardfoam building, plus a resin security entrance. The resin security entrance is a nicely detailed sci-fi looking doorway which is covered in rivets and vents. The Pump Station consists of the Hardfoam material which we were eager to see, it actually works really well, its light-weight and feels pretty durable.

battlefield hardfoam terrain 3

battlefield hardfoam terrain 4


Here you can see the side and rear details of the Pump Station, it has a great looking sci-fi heavy machinery look to it with the various vents and pipes.

battlefield hardfoam terrain 5

battlefield hardfoam terrain 6


The security entrance attaches to the front of the Pump Station, our one fitted snugly in the space provided and would have stayed there without glue, although we glued it in place for durability.

battlefield hardfoam terrain 7


In this next picture you can see the Pump Station being defended by a squad of 28mm Warhammer 40k Space Marines, as you can see this terrain piece would fit well into games of 40k, or similar wargames.

battlefield hardfoam terrain 8


Our second piece of Hardfoam Terrain is the Housing Module, another substantial terrain piece (Length: 22 cm / 8,8″ Width: 13,5 cm / 5,4″ Height: 6 cm / 2,4″), priced the same as the Pump Station we saw earlier.

battlefield hardfoam terrain 9


As with the Pump Station you get one large Hardfoam Terrain piece plus resin details, in this case 1 resin door, 1 resin hatch and 1 resin ventilation part.

battlefield hardfoam terrain 10


These resin parts are nicely detailed and could be used in lots of different projects, these pieces can be purchased separately from the Hardfoam Terrain if you wish.

battlefield hardfoam terrain 11


The Housing Module looks like it would work well as either a sci-fi living block or command bunker with its solid looking design. The walls have armoured windows and door, and the top is covered in vents/mesh and a hatch.

battlefield hardfoam terrain 12

battlefield hardfoam terrain 13

battlefield hardfoam terrain 14


Here you can see we have added the resin details, again they fit nicely without glue but we glued them in for durability.

battlefield hardfoam terrain 15


This is a nice piece of terrain for use in game as not only does it provide a solid structure to take cover behind, you can also place models on top and even occupy this Housing Module if your game has rules for entering buildings. Here you can see the Housing Module being defended by several 28mm Warhammer 40k Space Marines for scale.

battlefield hardfoam terrain 16


We think these Hardfoam Terrain pieces will make great additions to our sci-fi wargames like Warhammer 40k and Tomorrows War. We weren’t sure what to expect as these are our first Hardfoam products, but we are delighted with them as they are solid, lightweight, and durable.

battlefield hardfoam terrain 17

battlefield hardfoam terrain 18


In addition to our Hardfoam Terrain, Basicks sent over some of their resin products for us to take a look at, as shown below.

battlefield hardfoam terrain 19


Here you can see an extremely detailed Fantasy Terrain Door which can either be added to existing fantasy buildings or to your own creations. This piece is nicely cast (we couldn’t find any bubbles or other defects) and is priced at 3,08 € (£2.48 / $3.90).

battlefield hardfoam terrain 20


Basicks also included the three highly detailed 60mm resin scenic bases, each one from a different theme within their Battle Bases range. Again, these are all nicely cast with no defects or bubbles, and are priced at 4,92 € (£3.97 / $6.23) per 60mm base.

battlefield hardfoam terrain 21

battlefield hardfoam terrain 22

battlefield hardfoam terrain 23 battlefield hardfoam terrain 24


We’re very happy with the Hardfoam Terrain we ordered, this material works well as its light-weight making it easy to store and transport, and although we had wondered how durable a foam product would be, we were pleasantly surprised that these Hardfoam pieces feel nice and durable in addition to having a nice smooth surface for painting. The extra resin products we were sent by Basicks show that they are experts in casting resin and have some wonderfully detailed bases and conversion parts. If you’d like to see the other Hardfoam Terrain available, head over to

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