Gun Platform Review… gun platformToday we are looking at a collection of conversion parts from which are designed to allow you to field a variety of devastating heavy weapons and mount them on to your vehicles or buildings. offer a whole range of conversion parts and models for use with 28mm futuristic wargames, including everything from cyborgs and robots, to deamons and cyber wolves.

We ordered 4 of’s Gun Platforms, which are priced at €7.37 each. There are currently 7 different gun varieties available, and we chose to try out the Heavy Cannon Platform, Las-Plasma Platform, Twin Thermic Gun Platform, and Flak Cannon Platform.

Here is how they arrived to us in the mail: gun platform 1


We’ll start by opening up each of the packages. As you can see below, each kit is made up of one or two large weapons plus a stand which make up a turret and then a large plate for it to sit on. All of the parts are cast in a grey resin, and were great quality, we didn’t find a single air bubble or similar. There were not too many mold lines to clean up and most were hidden underneath the guns where they would most likely not be seen anyway.

Twin Thermic Gun Platform: gun platform 2


Flak Cannon Platform gun platform 3


Las-Plasma Platform: gun platform 4


Heavy Cannon Platform: gun platform 5


As you will have noticed, each kit comes with the same mounting plate, this is good news as it means that all of the weapon options are interchangeable as needed. This plate is designed to fit on’s own Gun Platform Carriage, but can also work well with models from other manufacturers. The mounting plate is nicely detailed, and has a familiar heavy duty tech feel to it. gun platform 6


In the following photo we have assembled the Heavy Cannon and placed it on the mounting plate. These weapons fit together nicely and so assembling them was an easy job. We chose not to glue the turret to the mounting plate so that the cannon can be turned to aim as needed. gun platform 8


We felt that the Heavy Cannon might make a good alternative to the Heavy Bolter from Games Workshop’s Warhammer 40k. As you can see the Heavy Bolter doesn’t seem so heavy anymore! gun platform 9 gun platform 10


The next picture shows how well the mounting plate fits with kits from other manufacturers, in this case a Space Marine Rhino Transport from Games Workshop. The mounting plate fitted perfectly, and can be rotated 180 degrees so that the gun can either be nearer the back or the middle of the vehicle. We also think this mounting plate could be easily added to buildings and fortifications as a mounting point for defensive turrets. gun platform 11


As you can see, the Rhino outfitted with’s Heavy Cannons looks very intimidating indeed! We love the look and feel of this weapon, it looks like it can cause some serious damage. gun platform 12


Next we decided to test out’s Las-Plasma Platform. This turret consists of a large central laser cannon, with smaller plasma weapons mounted at its sides. Again this can be used with’s Gun Platform Carriage, or it makes a great alternative part for Warhammer 40k players who use a lot of Lascannon & twin-linked Plasmagun equipped Razorbacks. gun platform 13 gun platform 14 gun platform 15


This one is our favourite, it’s’s Twin Thermic Gun Platform. This turret can be used to represent focused heat based weapons in your wargames, a great example of this is the Multimelta in Warhammer 40k, a terrifying heat based anti-tank weapon. We love the details on this kit, and can’t wait to use it in our games. gun platform 16 gun platform 17 gun platform 18


Last up is the Flak Cannon Platform, and this one is a little bit special. Not only can this turret be used to represent vehicle mounted anti-air or anti-light armour cannons, we found that the two sets of cannons can also be turned upside down to make great weapon options for huge robots like the Space Marine Dreadnought from Warhammer 40k. We know that rifleman/psyfleman Dreadnoughts with 2 sets of twin-linked autocannons are very popular in Warhammer 40k at the moment, and these Flak Cannons are a great way to represent them. gun platform 20 gun platform 21 gun platform 23 gun platform 25


Here at Graven Games, we think that these Gun Platforms from are a great way to represent the devastating weaponry used in popular futuristic wargames, especially if models for some of those weapons are hard to come by. We believe that each of these kits is reasonably priced at €7.37, considering the size and quality of the models, and the fact that they are sure to scare your enemies once they see how big they are! gun platform 26


If you’d like to purchase a Gun Platform or take a look at what else has to offer, head over to and take a look around.


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