Clanking Destroyer Review

kromlech clanking destroyerWelcome to today’s review in which we are looking at the Clanking Destroyer kits from Kromlech. The Clanking Destroyers are brutal looking mechanical infantry models suitable for 28mm wargames. We think that Ork players in Warhammer 40k will definitely like the look of these! We previously looked at the Kromlech’s larger Orc Juggernauts in Mecha Armour, so let see how their little brothers’ compare.

Kromlech kindly offered to send us 3 Clanking Destroyer kits for this review, which you can see below. each Clanking destroyer is made up of a random selection of parts from across the range and are priced at $7.99 each (around £5.20) from Kromlech’s eBay store.

kromlech clanking destroyer 1


The first bag we opened contained all of the torsos and legs for these models. It was clear from the start that these are all well cast with sharp details and no obvious bubbles or other deformations.kromlech clanking destroyer 2


The second bag contained the goodies you can see here, including the heads, guns, and close combat arms for these models. They also come with 25mm bases.

kromlech clanking destroyer 3


We started by removing the heads from the sprue, we like these a lot as they have plenty of ‘Orky’ character and details.
kromlech clanking destroyer  4


Next up were the torsos, these again have the low-tech yet heavily armoured feel we associate with the 40k Ork race, but would be equally suitable for other sci-fi and post-apocalyptic forces. Both the front and back of these torsos are nicely detailed with wires, exhausts, vents, and of course, plenty of rivets.

kromlech clanking destroyer 5

kromlech clanking destroyer 6


Here you can see we’ve removed the legs and tracks from their sprues. there is a huge amount of detail on these including plenty of pistons and even more rivets.

kromlech clanking destroyer 7


Next up are the guns. We ended up with 3 of the same gun for our Clanking Destroyers, but believe there are other guns available based on photos we’ve seen on the net. These guns come in 3 parts and can be mounted on either side of the body depending on how you assemble them, which is a nice touch.

kromlech clanking destroyer 8


One of our favourite parts of the kit is the close combat arms. We can imagine using these on many other models to make some brutal looking conversions. For our Clanking destroyers we ended up with a bionic claw, a mechanical cleaver, and an absolutely huge chainsaw.

kromlech clanking destroyer 9


Now before we assemble the Clanking Destroyers, we’re sure that like us you are wondering how well these parts can be mixed with other 28mm kits. As an experiment, we took some Ork Boyz from Games Workshops Warhammer 40k, and have put together some quick conversions using the parts from Kromlech. As you can see, the parts mix perfectly, so you’ll be able to make some great looking and unique models using these parts.

kromlech clanking destroyer 10

kromlech clanking destroyer 11


After testing out the above conversions, we assembled our Clanking Destroyers. The more we look at these guys, the more they grow on us, they have loads of character and would be a lot of fun to battle with.

kromlech clanking destroyer 12

kromlech clanking destroyer 13

kromlech clanking destroyer 14

kromlech clanking destroyer 15


For scale, here are some 40k Ork Boyz with the Kromlech Clanking Destroyers, they’re a good match, and with the Destroyer being ever so slightly taller and bulkier, we’d probably use them as the squad leader or Ork Nobz.

kromlech clanking destroyer 16

kromlech clanking destroyer 17


We really like these. They perfectly fit in with the character of the 40k Ork race, so we’d definitely be tempted to use them as Ork Nobz, Cyborks or something along those lines. Alternatively the less Ork-like heads could be used on these to make great ‘fallout style’ robots for a post-apocalyptic setting. We discovered these parts fit well with 28mm heroically scaled minis, so there are plenty of conversion opportunities too. We’re glad to see that many of these parts are available separately from Kromlech, so if you just wanted the heads, arms, legs or other parts for use in a conversion, you can order just those. If you’d like to see more of What Kromlech have to offer, head over to


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