Damageable Walls Terrain Review

4ground damageable wallsToday we are excited to share with you a great little terrain kit from 4Ground, a UK based company specialising in 15 & 28mm building and terrain kits which are laser-cut from wood. The product we’ve been testing out is 4Ground’s Damageable Walls, an idea which fits in with 4Ground’s general theme of creating terrain that is part of the game, not just a table accessory. As the name says, these are walls which can have chunks blown out of them during game play!

Here you can see the product as it arrived, sealed in a plastic bag with a 4Ground header. There are several different sets of Damageable Walls available, and we chose to go with the Damageable Short Walls, which are priced at £9 (around $14.50).

4ground damageable walls 1


Inside the bag are 3 wooden sprues, plus a painting and rendering guide. Two of the wooden sprues contain wall sections, while the darker one contains bases for the walls and details like a gate and wheel.

4ground damageable walls 2


Here you can see our painting and rendering guide opened up. This is also available on the 4Ground website as a PDF download (see here). This guide includes instructions and colour images leading you through applying texture to these walls and painting them. We actually decided to assemble this kit without painting, and we think that its perfectly usable in its unpainted state, but its nice to have the guide available for those that want to spend a little time making this kit look more realistic.

4ground damageable walls 3


Here you can see we have pressed all the pieces out of the wooden sprues, there are around 80 pieces here in total.

4ground damageable walls 4


A nice touch is that 4Ground have included extra pieces on the sprue that are designed to help you spread the glue around.

4ground damageable walls 5


The basic concept for assembling these Damageable Walls is that each wall section is made up of two mirrored parts, their loose bricks, and a base. The wall sections are then glued back to back (we used PVA glue) and glued to the base.

4ground damageable walls 6

4ground damageable walls 7


What makes these really fun is that you can remove the loose bricks during game play to represent damage.

4ground damageable walls 8


The shape of the bases lets you fit together the wall sections in many different patterns.

4ground damageable walls 9


…and the more sections you combine, the better they look when the damage is applied!

4ground damageable walls 10


Once the whole kit is assembled, you end up with: 1 x Piece of Wall Section with Small Gate 3″, 2 x Pieces of End Wall Section 1″, 6 x Pieces of Wall Section 3″, 2 x Pieces of Wall Section 1.5″, and 2 x Pieces of Wall Section 6″. Here the assembled pieces of the kit are shown with a 28mm Imperial Guardsman from Warhammer 40k for scale.

4ground damageable walls 11


Here we have set up a small walled area using the 4Ground Damageable walls, and again a 28mm Imperial Guardsman is included for scale. He looks to be pretty well protected at the moment.

4ground damageable walls 12

4ground damageable walls 13


…And this is what happens when the defensive position is hit by an artillery shell or similar!

4ground damageable walls 14

4ground damageable walls 15


We think these Damageable Walls will be great fun to use in our wargames, and love the idea that the terrain will change as the battle rages on! As previously mentioned, 4Ground supply instructions on rendering and painting these walls, but we quite like the look of them, unpainted. The kit comes with enough walls to build one or two defensive positions, but will easily combine with more of the same kits to make much larger terrain pieces if desired. If you’d like to learn more or see what else 4Ground have to offer, head over to http://www.4ground.co.uk/.

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