Destroyed Wreckage Marker Review

destroyed wreckage markerWelcome to today’s review in which we will be looking at the Destroyed Wreckage Marker from Mechanical Warhorse, a cinematic way to represent wrecked vehicles and structures in your wargames. Mechanical Warhorse are a US based company who produce a wide range of laser-cut acrylic gaming aids and terrain. The great thing about laser-cut acrylic terrain and markers is that they are quick to assemble and don’t require painting so you can use them right away!

Here you can see the packaging our Destroyed Wreckage Marker arrived in. This kit is available for $13 (around £8) from Mechanical Warhorse and is deceptively large once assembled, Iit’s approximate dimensions are:

  • Length: 4” (10.2 cm)
  • Width: 4” (10.2 cm)
  • Height: 6.375” (16.2 cm)

destroyed wreckage marker 1


Here are the parts of the kit, as you can see we’ve got some very vibrant colours to contrast against the black base and smoke plumes. The pieces are all perfectly cut by laser, so there is no cleaning or trimming needed.

destroyed wreckage marker 2


Also inside the bag was a small instruction sheet as shown, we didn’t need them, but its always a nice touch to include instructions.

destroyed wreckage marker 3


Step one in building our Destroyed Wreckage Marker was placing the yellow flames on the base so that they cross the hole in the base at 90 degrees.

destroyed wreckage marker 4


Step two was to insert the large black smoke plumes into the hole in the base, which locks the yellow flames in place.

destroyed wreckage marker 5


Finally, we slid in both sets of orange flames (one on each side of the smoke) to complete the marker. We found that we didn’t need to use glue, but it could easily be glued together with superglue is you wanted a more permanent option.

destroyed wreckage marker 6


Here you can see that the marker ends up as quite a large piece, we’ve placed it next to a Warhammer 40k Space Marine Rhino for scale. The size of this marker makes it suitable for representing an average sized vehicle or a small building that has been destroyed in your wargames.

destroyed wreckage marker 7

destroyed wreckage marker 8


We also decided to show the Destroyed Wreckage Marker with some 28mm infantry for scale, in this case 3 Warhammer 40k Space Marines from Games Workshop. We think the different layers of coloured acrylic really work well together in creating the flame effect, and like that the design makes it look like the flames and smoke are billowing in the wind.

destroyed wreckage marker 10


What we most like the Destroyed Wreckage Marker is that adds some real cinematic effect to our games. Once a vehicle is destroyed, rather than leave it on the table or replace it with a crater we can now have huge clouds of smoke and flames engulfing the location, you can even place the marker inside the crater for extra effect. As we mentioned earlier, it’s also useful that these are so easy to assemble and don’t need painting so you can start gaming with them almost immediately. If you’d like to see the rest of Mechanical Warhorse’s laser-cut acrylic range, then head on over to

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