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ramshackle games drone walkerWe love any chance to use stompy robots and hulking war machines in our wargames, so as soon as we saw the recently released Drone Walker from Ramshackle Games, we knew we had to pick one up. The Drone Walker is our first purchase from Ramshackle and is a multi-part resin kit that allows you to build a four legged war machine to bolster your army. Ramshackle specialise in their own range of post-apocalyptic models and accessories, suitable for Nuclear Renaissance and many other tabletop wargames.

The Drone Walker kit is priced at £10 (around $15.20) directly from Ramshackle, and as with most of their kits you can also buy various parts separately if you would like to create something different. The Drone Walker is designed for use in Ramshackle’s own 28-30mm skirmish game Nuclear Renaissance, but we think it’s got great potential for use in a wide variety of sci-fi and post-apocalyptic wargames, including Warhammer 40k.

ramshackle games drone walker 1


The parts needed a little cleaning up to remove mold lines and flashing, but here is what we ended up with after a little work with a file. The parts are cast in a light brown coloured resin which has a bit of a glossy sheen to it, and as you can see there are a total of 12 pieces in this kit.

ramshackle games drone walker 2


One of the largest pieces in this kit makes up the body/torso of the Drone Walker. This piece is designed to be used either way up depending on how you plan to use the model. There is a smaller turret ring/vent on one side for use with a small(ish) weapon and a much larger ring on the other side which could be used to support a much larger turret (Ramshackle do provide several suitable options available separately). This piece has an overall heavily armoured feel, and so should look great walking alongside tanks and other armoured vehicles in your army.

ramshackle games drone walker 3

ramshackle games drone walker 4


Also included is the small(ish) weapon turret as mentioned above, which could represent a gatling gun or missile launcher, plus there is also a fuel tank which will be attached to the back of the drone.

ramshackle games drone walker 5


Another substantial part of this kit are the leg pieces, as you can see each one is in a slightly different pose, and Ramshackle include 5 even though you only need four, so none of your Drone Walkers will need to have exactly the same pose. If you’d like to use these legs on a model of your own design, you can purchase a pack of legs separately from Ramshackle for £4.50 (around $6.80). These pieces are nicely detailed with rivets, pistons and cables, although we did find a few of the cables had air bubbles in which we will later fill with sculpting putty/green stuff.

ramshackle games drone walker 6

ramshackle games drone walker 7


The 4 parts shown here are each choices to use as a kind of ‘face plate’ on the Drone Walker. Depending on how you plan to use this in your army you might like to keep it simple with a vent or plow at the front, or give this drone the look of some robotic intelligence by adding one of the face plates containing lots of sensors and lights.

ramshackle games drone walker 8


Assembling the Drone Walker is relatively straight forward, we started by taking the main body piece and attaching the fuel tank to the back, and a faceplate to the front.

ramshackle games drone walker 9


From there, adding 4 of the legs instantly bring this thing to life.

ramshackle games drone walker 10


On adding the weapon to the small turret ring, we end up with a mean looking war machine!

ramshackle games drone walker 11

ramshackle games drone walker 12

ramshackle games drone walker 13


For scale, here is a picture of the Drone Walker next to a 28mm Warhammer 40k Space Marine from Games Workshop. The Drone Walker looks like it will fit in 28mm armies perfectly, but as a drone/robot it will no doubt have some uses in games that use different scales.

ramshackle games drone walker 14


Again, to give you an idea of size, here is the Drone Walker next to a Warhammer 40k Space Marine Rhino transport.

ramshackle games drone walker 15


As mentioned previously, the torso piece of this kit can be flipped to reveal a much larger turret ring. You could use this to mount a much heavier gun like the Quad & Artillery Cannons also available from Ramshackle. You’ll notice here that we used a different faceplate too, swapping the sensors and lights for an armoured plow.

ramshackle games drone walker 16


It probably wasn’t designed for this, but we also thought you could have great fun turning this into some sort of chariot or platform for a mini. Necron players in Warhammer 40k, could this be a command barge alternative for your HQ?

ramshackle games drone walker 17


Overall this is a good kit, and it seems reasonably priced for what you get. There’s quite a bit of potential to use it in different game systems and it’s versatile enough to carry a wide range of weapons. We also think it’s great that the legs and other parts are available separately so that you can expand on this theme building bigger and smaller drones as required, and even a whole drone army if you want (we do want!). The heavily constructed look means this will fit in well with many near future or sci-fi armies, especially Imperial and even Ork armies in Warhammer 40k, and since it’s not too heavily detailed, there is plenty of room for conversion work if desired.

What do you think of this kit, & how would you use it? Let us know in the comments. If you’d like to learn more about the Drone Walker or see what else Ramshackle Games have available, head over to http://www.ramshacklegames.co.uk/

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