Encounter Bricks Construction System Review

encounter bricks construction systemWelcome to today’s review in which we are looking at the Encounter Bricks Construction System from Encounter Elements,  a US based company who have developed a construction brick system for use in tabletop games. We love LEGO and other construction systems, so as soon as we heard about these we were excited to get a set and see what kinds of dungeons and other structures we could build for use in our games.

We ordered the Encounter Bricks Construction System starter set (this is the only set currently available on the site) which is priced at $37.95 (around £24). As you can see below, the starter set comes retail packaged in a sturdy cardboard box, with several images of structures you can build using the set, to serve as inspiration.

encounter bricks construction system 1

encounter bricks construction system 2


As we open the box up it is absolutely packed with the plastic construction bricks, in addition to a small drawstring bag.

encounter bricks construction system 3


We hadn’t realised the set would include this bag, but its definitely a welcome addition and would make a handy dice bag or somewhere to store counters or other gaming accessories.

encounter bricks construction system 4


Here you can see all of the bricks that come in the starter set, divided into the different sizes available. Each starter set includes:

  • (10) 2×3’s
  • (10) 2×2’s
  • (4) 1×3’s
  • (4) 1×2’s
  • (4) 1×1’s

encounter bricks construction system 5


All of the bricks are made from a very durable feeling plastic and are grey in colour. The raised surface of each brick is split into 1″ squares and is textured with stone paving.

encounter bricks construction system 6

encounter bricks construction system 7


Since each brick is divided into 1″ squares on top, it makes them a perfect fit for the 1″ (~25mm) square bases you find on many fantasy miniatures, and provides a nice grid for measuring movement distances too. Here you can see a 28mm fantasy miniature from Games Workshop for scale. His base fits well over the textured surface, so he wont easily be knocked over or accidentally moved.

encounter bricks construction system 8


The underside of each brick is hollow and has small notches around the edge, these are very useful as you’ll see later.

encounter bricks construction system 9


These bricks stack together really nicely so you can create 3D terrain and locations for your games, and is excellent for making use of true line of sight.

encounter bricks construction system 10


To give you an idea of how much you get to play with in the starter set here are all 32 bricks side by side, plus a 28mm miniature for scale.

encounter bricks construction system 11


For games like D&D and Pathfinder, you could use these bricks to produce a flat map to play on…

encounter bricks construction system 12


But of course its the 3D aspect of these which will really bring your games to life. Here you can see we’ve knocked up a simple dungeon room with multiple layers and walls.

encounter bricks construction system 13


You can of course also use these bricks to represent outdoor locations like this rocky outcrop.

encounter bricks construction system 14


As we mentioned earlier, the little notches between the bricks are very useful as they allow you to really customise this terrain to your hearts content. Using a few wooden toothpicks pushed into the notches with some card resting on top, we can create extra floors, bridges, decorations and whatever else you can think of.

encounter bricks construction system 15


We’re big fans of the Encounter Bricks Construction System as it allows us to quickly produce unique terrain for our tables which can then be used to build something totally different. They seem to be quite good value for money considering their durability, re-usability, and the range of terrain you can build, plus building the terrain is great fun in itself. The whole set only weighs approximately 1lb, so they are also very transportable if needed. Next time we play a game including ruins or a dungeon, we know which terrain we’ll be using! Would you use a construction system like this in your games? Can you think of any uses for it that we haven’t? Let us know in the comments below. If you’d like to find out more about the Encounter Elements Construction System, check out http://www.encounterelements.com.


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