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Flames of War AchtungToday we are excited to announce our first look at something that is totally new to Graven Games, the 15mm WW2 themed wargame Flames of War from Battlefront. Join us as we unbox the new Flames of War starter set Achtung! get to grips with the contents and assemble the models.

We’d seen Flames of War advertised in several of the places we visit to pick up our models and accessories, but until now we didn’t know much about it. We had previously admired FOW’s tanks and other models from afar, but with the release of the new starter set Achtung! which is described on the website as “carefully designed for someone who has never heard of Flames of War before” we decided it was the perfect time to dive in!

Here you can see our boxed Achtung! set. It is available through the Flames of War site for £25 in the UK and $40 in the US. Right away you can see this is a quality retail product with a full colour printed box covered in eye catching artwork, pictures of the contents and info about the game.

Flames of War Achtung 1

Flames of War Achtung 2

Flames of War Achtung 3


Inside the box we have everything needed to play a few small scale games of Flames Of War, which is a great way to start out in the hobby, learn the rules, and test out the models. The contents as shown in the picture below are:

  • 1x 16 page full-colour introduction booklet.
  • 1x 296 page Flames Of War mini rulebook.
  • 3x plastic British Sherman tank miniatures.
  • 2x plastic German StuG G assault gun miniatures.
  • 6x Rare-earth Magnets.
  • 5x dice.

Flames of War Achtung 4


Here you can see the two books included in Achtung! On the left in the first photo is the introductory booklet designed to get you started. it contains some simplified rules and scenarios to get you used to FOW, along with instructions on building the models included in the set. The Book on the right is the  296 page Flames Of War mini rulebook, and this just oozes quality, its packed with rules, missions, and photos, and is printed using high quality materials.

Flames of War Achtung 5

Flames of War Achtung 6


Here is closer picture of the rest of the Achtung! contents including the sprues for building the vehicles, magnets for use in the models, and dice. If you don’t spot the magnets right away don’t worry, they are the tiny dot next to the dice on the right of the photo.

Flames of War Achtung 7


The sprues for both types of vehicle are made of plastic, and are highly detailed which you can see especially when looking at the tracks. We are very pleased to see that Battlefront have gone with plastic models in this starter set as it means these will be durable, and easy to convert or customise if desired in future.

Flames of War Achtung 8

Flames of War Achtung 9


Here you can see our 3 British Sherman tanks. They are in 15mm scale and come with a good selection of stowage options so that each tank can be customised as you wish. We decided to equip each Sherman with slightly different stowage and details to give you an idea what you can do with the kits. We still had quite a few pieces left over if you wanted to add more details.

Flames of War Achtung 10

Flames of War Achtung 11

Flames of War Achtung 12

Flames of War Achtung 13


We found that the Sherman tanks were slightly more difficult to build than the StuGs  included in the set, as ideally they need clamping together while gluing to make sure there are no gaps. One thing we absolutely love about the Sherman’s though, is the inclusion of magnets so that the turrets can be magnetised to the hull, and can be aimed or removed as needed during the game or for storage. We would love to see more manufacturers include magnets within their models in future!

Flames of War Achtung 14


The StuG Gs were a joy to assemble, and look suitably intimidating when complete. Once again there are a selection of stowage options and so we were able to make sure each StuG G looked slightly different. No magnets were needed for these vehicles as they don’t have a turret.

Flames of War Achtung 15

Flames of War Achtung 16

Flames of War Achtung 17

Flames of War Achtung 18


Here you can see the complete set of our finished models. Each one has a nice solid feel thanks to the chunky plastic construction.

Flames of War Achtung 19

Flames of War Achtung 20


Now that we have our Achtung! starter set assembled we are looking forward to following the tutorial missions in the handbook, before moving onto the full rules. Our next article on Flames Of War will allow you to follow our  progress as completely new players and will include pictures of our games plus thoughts on the game play and rules.

Check back soon for our next FOW article, and for now head on over to www.flamesofwar.com to check out the huge range of models and accessories available.


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