Forge Fathers Hailstorm Cannon Review…

forge fathers jotunn heavy hailstorm cannonToday’s review sees us take a take a look at our first model from Mantic Games, the Forge Father Jotunn Heavy Hailstorm Cannon. We’ve been looking forward to getting our hands on this model ever since Mantic released the concept art a while back, and it looks like they’ve done an amazing job. Read on if you’d like to take a closer look…

The Hailstorm Cannon is an artillery piece for the Forge Fathers faction in Mantic’s own futuristic wargame, Warpath. The Forge Fathers are one of 4 factions currently available for Warpath, and if you’d like to check out the rules, they are available as a free download on Mantic’s site. The Jotunn Heavy Hailstorm Cannon can be bought individually for £12.49 each, in a multi-pack of 3 for £30 or as part of one of Mantic’s army deals.

Our Jotunn Heavy Hailstorm Cannon arrived retail packed in a plastic case, with a printed sleeve depicting our cannon on the front, and a description on the back. This was a very welcome surprise as not only does it feel like we are receiving a high quality product, it protects the model during shipping and also can be used to store dice, tokens and other  gaming accessories in once the cannon is constructed.

forge fathers jotunn heavy hailstorm cannon 1

forge fathers jotunn heavy hailstorm cannon 2


Inside the case there was a plastic bag containing the parts to make up one Hailstorm Cannon, and a sheet of black foam to protect the parts during shipping.

forge fathers jotunn heavy hailstorm cannon 3


Here we have laid out the complete set of Hailstorm Cannon parts. The first thing we noticed is that the parts are produced in a material known as Plastic Resin. This material is somewhere between plastic and resin, its lightweight like plastic, but looks and feels similar to resin with sharp details. Although it is a plastic, you must use super glue in the construction of models cast in plastic resin.

forge fathers jotunn heavy hailstorm cannon 4


Here we have a close up of the main chassis part and the 2 tracked sections, they all have plenty of detail and we’re big fans of these tracks as we think they’d be useful in many conversions.

forge fathers jotunn heavy hailstorm cannon 5


The next close-up is of the 2 halves of the 4 barreled cannon and the 2 armoured plates which make up the front shield of this artillery piece. The armoured plates have a slightly weathered appearance as if this cannon has seen its fair share of action.

forge fathers jotunn heavy hailstorm cannon 6


The remaining parts are the 2 lots of ammo drums, the gunner and his rifle, and the tips of the 4 barrelled weapon. Again, these parts have plenty of detail, especially the ammo drums which are another part we think could be put to good use in conversions.

forge fathers jotunn heavy hailstorm cannon 7


So lets put this bad-boy together. We started by attaching the two tracked sections to the main chassis. This was made simple as each unit has holes which line up with pins on the main chassis.

forge fathers jotunn heavy hailstorm cannon 8


Secondly we connected the 2 halves of the 4 barrelled cannon together and placed them onto the body of the machine. We decided not to  glue the gun to the body, as this way you are able to raise and lower the gun as needed.

forge fathers jotunn heavy hailstorm cannon 9


Next, we decided to attach both sets of ammo drums and the tips of the barrels. Interestingly we found the tips of the barrels fit on as shown below or can be flipped 180 degrees to give the barrels a slightly different look. Maybe this could be used to symbolise 2 different types of cannon?

forge fathers jotunn heavy hailstorm cannon 10


With most of the cannon and body complete, we decided to add both of the armoured plates making up the front shield. Again, if you didn’t glue the cannon to the body, you can move the cannon up and down and the plates will slide past each other.

forge fathers jotunn heavy hailstorm cannon 11


Lastly, we attached the gunner’s rifle to his back and then dropped him into place within the body of the cannon. At this point the Hailstorm Cannon is complete, and is ready to obliterate your enemies!

forge fathers jotunn heavy hailstorm cannon 12

forge fathers jotunn heavy hailstorm cannon 13

forge fathers jotunn heavy hailstorm cannon 14


We decided to take a couple of size comparison shots so that you can see how well this model might fit with other popular wargames. Below, the Hailstorm Cannon is pictured with a Space Marine from Games Workshop’s Warhammer 40k, and below that the cannon can be seen next to a Space Marine Attack Bike. On comparing these models, it became apparent that the Jotunn Heavy Hailstorm Cannon could make a basic for an alternative Thunderfire Cannon for a Space Marine Army.

forge fathers jotunn heavy hailstorm cannon 15

forge fathers jotunn heavy hailstorm cannon 16


…one thing we noticed while building this model is that all the pieces fit together *really* nicely, in fact we were able to build the model above and take pictures for the review all without using any glue at all to hold it together! Now of course you would need to glue this model together for general use, but it gives you an idea how now nicely this kit is designed and cast.

As you can see the Hailstorm Cannon is a  solid and well detailed kit with lots of character, a must have for your Forge Fathers army, or a great source of conversion potential for your own creations! Head over to Mantic Games to pick one up for yourself, or take a look at the other fantastic models in the Warpath range.


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