Forge World Angron, Primarch of the World Eaters Review.

forge world angron review feature imageAlong with the release of the first Horus Heresy book, Betrayal, from Forge World we have also seen the release of  the first official Primarch miniature. This model is Angron Primarch of the 12th legion of the adeptus astartes, The World Eaters. Angron was one of the 3 primarchs that joined Horus in purging their own legions of Imperial loyalists at Isstvan III ,also referred to as the Isstvan atrocity, before declaring war upon the Emperor of mankind and his loyal legions.

The Angron model is an absolute beast and today we take a look at the content of this impressively detailed model by Forge World designer Simon Egan.

First off lets take a look at the price tag, at £50 you would expect to get something special for your money and this kit does not disappoint in my opinion. The kit is designed as both a show piece and a gaming piece, and is supplied with what is essentially two bases, the 40mm base he is mounted on and a 60mm base that his 40mm base fits down into acting as his display base. When the model is mounted on it’s display base it’s size matches that of a dreadnought. The model comes in a rather nice box and the feel of this is more exclusive than any other product from FW range which is a nice change to the ziplock bags or the new clamp shell blisters.

Lets get on with some pictures!

The infamous black box.




Here’s the content of the box, you get a clear plastic box inside with the components, and a paper sheet with a picture of the model on and the batch code. The parts were very well cast, in fact there was near to no cleanup needed on this kit.



The kit goes together really well and there was no filling needed at all, the model is cleverly designed and it was easy to make sub assemblies for painting. I choose to leave the arms and cloak off and paint Angron’s body separate as well.

FW_Angron_Review_full-pose (2)


Here’s the backside of the model, the cloak is amazingly detailed and sports the broken chains that symbolizes his rebellion against his former overlords, and the skulls of worthy adversaries are carried as trophies.

FW_Angron_Review_full-pose (3)


It’s not shown in this picture, but the casualties on the display base are pinned (by me) to be removable, and it is hard to get Angron to fit into the slot on the display base if you don’t have at least the marine falling backwards removable.

FW_Angron_Review_full-pose (1)


Here’s a size comparison with a regular marine, He’s a big fella…



The miniature is a beautiful sculpt, especially the fine detail on his armour which is gloriously adorned in imperial aquila, lightning bolts and the insignia of the World Eaters legion. His chainaxes Gorefather and Gorechild are suitably beat up and along those he also carries a sword in a scabbard and a gun.

FW_Angron_Review_Details (1)


The face is, well… Awesome! It reeks of character and even sports crooked teeth to show that he’s been fighting all his life and at some point have probably killed his dentist.

FW_Angron_Review_Details (4)

FW_Angron_Review_Details (5)

FW_Angron_Review_Details (7)

FW_Angron_Review_Details (2)

FW_Angron_Review_Details (3)


And lastly I’ve been hard at work painting him up as well. I choose a bigger plinth for him to stand on as it lend the base a more display-like quality, I also added some extra sand, slate and bits and pieces like the extra helmets. I suspect there’ll be a lot of questions on how I did the blood spurts as I’ve gotten that same question a million times already elsewhere, but let’s just agree now that I will cover the technique in an article later on.

FW_Angron_Review_Painted (4)

FW_Angron_Review_Painted (3)

FW_Angron_Review_Painted (2)

FW_Angron_Review_Painted (1)


So what is the verdict on this kit? The biggest drawback is of course the price tag, but this is typical of Forge World and with this model you really get a fine piece of miniature so I think it is well worth it. Also, this model was remarkably easy to assemble and that is a quality in itself for a Forge World model. Design-wise it is by far the best piece of miniature to be released in a long time and a solid testament to why most of us love Forge World. I really have no bad thing to say about the model, it is absolutely gorgeous and is a must have for any Horus Heresy fan, or indeed any fan of the Warhammer 40,000 universe.


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