Forge World Crimson/Imperial Fists Brass Etch Review.

crimson imperial fist brass etch forgeworld Today we take a look at the Forge World etched brass detailing kit for Crimson/Imperial Fists space marines. The etched brass series are some of the few products produced by Forge World that are not made in resin, and is a nice alternative to sculpted details or transfers which are also available in several varieties from their range of kits. It is important to notice that etched brass can be extremely sharp and should be handled with care.

So let’s take a look at the kit itself. It comes in one of the well known FW ziplock bags and contains the etched brass itself and a standard instruction/warning printed in black and white.


Now lets take a look at the actual brass frame you get. The sprue dimensions are 80mm (3.2 inches) by 120mm (4.75 inches) and includes 60 icons of different sizes from around 2mm in height for the smallest, and up to about 20mm in height. These are great for a wide variety of models and I have used them frequently on my own Imperial Fists army.


Parts are easily removed with a pair of sharp pliers, or as I prefer a sharp knife. I recommend cutting them on a surface that is harder than your average cutting mat as the brass will bend before it cuts on a soft surface and leave you with a tab that is hard to remove. An old piece of plastic like a CD cover is very useful as a cutting surface for this job. The icons can be glued to any flat surface with superglue once cut free without anymore work needed. For adherence to curved or spherical surfaces some bending will be needed, but this will be covered in my next article “How To Use Etched Brass”

Here are some examples of what the different icons can be used for: The small ones in the bottom of the sprue are great for infantry sized models.


(note; the black templar pieces are from the black templar etched brass kit, not from this one)

crimson imperial fist brass etch forgeworld


The eagles are suited for back banners, vehicles or in this case a combat shield.


The larger icons could be used on the space marine standard from the command squad, or similar standards to create raised detail. They are also ideal for vehicles like these examples where some of the larger icons have been used to decorate a Vindicator tank.


While detailing the tank I came up with another use for the large icons, as you will likely end up with spares after doing an army. So I figured they could be used for some themed objective markers.


Here’s some of the icons compared to a GW 25mm base, the largest of the icons fit neatly on top of one of these and would make for a great looking and simple marker.


So what is the final verdict on this kit? It is retailed at £10, which sounds expensive but compared to buying sculpted shoulder pads, icons or doors for your space marine army you get greater value for your money here. A single kit can easily be spread over several models and depending on the size of your army I would say 1 or 2 of these would be sufficient to get that extra touch. The biggest drawback is that etched brass requires a certain amount of hobby skills and experience to work with, as it is a very different material to work with than say plastic or resin. If, however, you are looking for a bit of a challenge when building/converting your models, and to add a finer level of detail, etched brass can be highly recommended.

The full selection of Forge World Etched brass are available at


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