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amera cratersToday’s review looks into two products from Amera Plastic Mouldings which can help you to easily create a great looking battlefield for your wargames. Amera Plastic Mouldings produce a vast range of vacuum formed plastic products including a variety of terrain/scenery aimed at wargamers, covering various scales and themes. The beauty of Amera’s vacuum formed terrain is that is lightweight and low cost, enabling you to create impressive looking battlefields, even on a budget.

We ordered a Forward Command Bunker (Z202) and Battlefield Crater Set (Z250) which form part of Amera’s Future Zone range of mouldings. The Future Zone range is designed to be used with 25/28mm scale miniatures, and as you probably guessed from the name are best suited to futuristic warfare, although we think some of the designs could work well in other settings. All of the terrain is vacuum formed in matt white polystyrene and while the smaller terrain pieces we are reviewing today are one piece models, some of the larger models will require some simple assembly. Both of the products we ordered offer excellent value for money, as do the rest of the Future Zone range, the Forward Command Bunker (Z202) is priced at £2.75 and the Battlefield Crater Set (Z250) is available for £4.

Here are pictures of the 2 terrain products, first up is the Battlefield Crater Set in its retail packaging and below that is the Forward Command Bunker. As you can see both products consist of the matt white plastic we mentioned earlier and are ready to be painted and played with.

amera craters 1

amera craters 2


Lets take a closer look at the Forward Command Bunker (Z202) first. The picture below shows the details of the bunker, including its makeshift mud floor, corrugated metal and wood walls, and sandbag lined defences.

amera craters 3


This is what the Forward bunker looks like from underneath. As you can see it is hollow due to the vacuum forming process where this entire terrain piece is formed from a single piece of plastic. While this material is only approximately 1mm thick, there are no issues with strength or durability here, it seems plenty strong enough for regular wargaming use.

amera craters 4


Amera’s terrain comes with a lip around the base, which can be easily removed with scissors or a craft knife. We plan to leave the lip on while we paint these so that we have something to hold on to, and then remove the lip with a craft knife at the end.

amera craters 5


Here you can see 5x 28mm figures from Games Workshop’s Warhammer 40k making use of the Forward Bunker. These Space Marine Scouts are well protected while they focus on the enemy.

amera craters 6

amera craters 7


And lets not forget about the Battlefield Crater Set (Z250), Which contains the 3 craters shown below. Craters are a common sight on most modern and sci-fi battlefields and this pack is an inexpensive way to acquire a collection of them. One thing we particularly like about these craters is that they are quite low in hight which means that 25/28mm miniatures are more able to be placed on them than craters with steeper walls. These craters are formed in the same way as the Forward Bunker we looked at above, so they are hollow underneath, but again plenty strong enough for wargaming.

amera craters 8


Here are closeup shots of each of the 3 craters to show off their details, we think they’ll look great even with a very simple paint job.

amera craters 9

amera craters 10

amera craters 11


Some wargames such as Warhammer 40k from Games Workshop require craters to be placed when vehicles are destroyed in explosions, and to us these look like just the right size for your average 28mm scale vehicle. To give you an idea of size, the circle in the centre of the crater is roughly 60mm. We also think these would look great on your Warmachine or Flames of War battlefields, or for any other wargame with plenty of explosions!

amera craters 12


These craters can also make great cover for your infantry, here you can see more of GW’s 28mm Space Marine Scouts preparing for battle.

amera craters 13

amera craters 14


Overall we’re big fans of Amera’s vacuum formed terrain, its lightweight, durable and we can hardly believe that you can buy all of the terrain above for just £6.75. If you’d like to check out the rest of the Future Zone range, or Amera’s other ranges, head over to



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