Free Stalwart Robotic Missile Tank Paper Model

Stalwart-robotic-missile-tank-paper-modelThe Stalwart Robotic Missile Tank – A Free Paper Model to use in your Games!

Crushing rough terrain beneath its heavy duty tracks, the Stalwart can manoeuvre over or through dangerous terrain, while relentlessly firing upon the enemy. Armed with two “Blackout” missile pods and a hull mounted minigun, the Stalwart is capable of obliterating all but the most heavily armoured targets with ease. Encased in thick armour plating, the Stalwart is an almost unstoppable fighting machine.

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This model is designed to be printed on a single piece of A4 card or thick paper. Once you have printed out the colour scheme of your choice, carefully around each part with a craft knife or scissors. Score along each of the tabs and along the armour panels where they need to be bent. As you fold each of the parts into shape, use a small amount of PVA or similar glue on the tabs to keep them in place. Use PVA glue to assemble the parts you have built into your very own Stalwart Robotic Missile Tank!

We would love to see pictures of your finished models or hear about how you have used them, make sure you contact usĀ and let us know!


***UPDATE*** Here are some pictures of completed Missile Tanks from all over the world:





Keep sending in your pictures everyone!

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