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Genius Factory GamesToday we are taking a look at a range of tokens for use in sci-fi wargames, produced by Genius Factory Games. GFG’s range of counters are produced in fcoloured transparent plastic which really fits the sci-fi theme of the games they are designed to work with. The range is listed on the GFG site as “Counters for various games, both GFG owned and otherwise” and we feel that these will be particularly useful for anyone who owns a Necron army for Warhammer 40k.

Here is a shot of our counters as they arrived, we have a selection of the range including Character Counters, Shield Counters, and Cyber-Beetle Swarm Counters.

Genius Factory Games 1


First of all lets take a look at the Shield Counters. As you can see they come in 2 colour choices and are available for $4 (around £2.50) per pack of 4, or in a larger set of 10 for $8. As with all of the counters from Genius Factory Games, these are etched and cut from a transparent plastic, and although they look quite pale on the white background in our pictures they are very bright when seen in person.

Genius Factory Games 2


The Shield Counters are designed as an easy way to keep track of vehicles and other units which have shields/force fields and whether those shields are up or down. Each of our packs of Shield Counters actually has two different designs in it, half are etched with a picture representing shields up, and half representing shields down. In a game like Warhammer 40k where you have Necron vehicles flying around with Quantum Shielding, these would work well to mark whether the shielding has been disabled or not, just by placing one of these counters next to the relevant model. Below a Necron Lord on his Command Barge from Games Workshops’ Warhammer 40k is shown for scale.

Genius Factory Games 3


Next up are the Character Counters, these are designed to let you keep track of how many wounds your characters have taken and if they have fallen and need to be resurrected. the Character Counters are available as a set of 8 for $6 (around £3.80) and contains the following (as listed on the GFG site):

  • 1x Undying Lord Reanimation
  • 1x Undying Greater Lord Reanimation
  • 1x Undying High Lord Reanimation
  • 2x Undying Technomancer Reanimation
  • 1x 1 wound remaining
  • 1x 2 wounds remaining
  • 1x 3 wounds remaining

Genius Factory Games 4


Here are the set of three wound counters, these seem like a much better way to keep track of how many wounds a model has than using dice, since dice are so easy to pick up or move by accident.

Genius Factory Games 5


The stylised skulls on the wound counters fit with many models, but especially the Necrons in Warhammer 40k.

Genius Factory Games 6


The remainder of the Character tokens are perfect for keeping track of fallen Necron HQ’s awaiting Everliving/Reanimation rolls, each one is etched with an image which fits well with the various HQ’s available.

Genius Factory Games 7


Lastly is our favourite bag of counters, the Cyber-Beetle Swarm Counters. These are available as a set of 5 for $5 (about £3.20) and are a great way to represent swarms of robotic insects in your games. Each of these counters is 40mm in diameter and they look particularly good in the fluorescent green colour.

Genius Factory Games 8


Here you can see how the Cyber-Beetle Swarm Counters match up with similar products from other ranges, in this case the Necron Scarabs from Warhammer 40k.

Genius Factory Games 9  Genius Factory Games 10


We think that the Genius Factory Games counters we’ve reviewed today are particularly useful to Necron players in Warahmmer 40k, or players of other games which use the ‘Space Egyptian’ theme. We’d like to see GFG expand their range with more counters aimed at specific sci-fi armies, plus more general counters too.

If you’d like to see more of Genius Factory Games’ counters, head over to

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