Gothic Power Generator and Tank Traps Terrain Review

gothic power generator & tank trapsToday we are reviewing two resin terrain kits from Secret Weapon Miniatures, a US based company with a wide range of wargaming related products including weathering pigments, washes, bases, and of course terrain. We have chosen to take a look at Secret Weapons Miniatures’ Gothic Power Generator kit and Gothic Tank Traps set, both of which would fit perfectly into Warhammmer 40k and other 28mm sci-fi wargames.

Here you can see the two terrain kits we ordered. Each arrived in a transparent bag with a Secret Weapon Miniatures header on top.

gothic power generator & tank traps 1


We decided to open up the Gothic Tank Traps first, these are cast in a pale grey resin and are priced at $10 (around £6.40) for the set.

gothic power generator & tank traps 2


The set comprises of 10 Gothic Tank Traps, each designed with a metallic textured lower portion and a stone textured upper portion.

gothic power generator & tank traps 3


Each Tank Trap measures 23mm square across the bottom and is 20mm tall.

gothic power generator & tank traps 5


The Tank Traps are great for blocking off sections of your board from tanks while still allowing infantry to move through.

gothic power generator & tank traps 6


The Gothic styling of these pieces means they fit in perfectly with games like Warhammer 40k, we’ll definitely be getting a lot of use out of them.

gothic power generator & tank traps 7


The Gothic Power Generator kit is available for $20 (around £12.80) and is supplied with an picture showing you what the assembled kit will look like.

gothic power generator & tank traps 8


Here you can see the contents of the kit, most of the parts are cast in the same pale grey resin as the Tank Traps, but also included are 4 coloured acrylic “power rods”.  Attached to the bottom of the picture are a set of building instructions.

gothic power generator & tank traps 9


We stared to build our Gothic Power Generator by fitting the power rods into the large resin base and then placing the resin cap on top. We decided not to glue the rods or cap to the base to make undercoating this model easier in future.

gothic power generator & tank traps 10


The next stage was to attach the 4 pillars to the corners of the base using super glue. We will be able to remove the rods for undercoating this model and will then glue the power rods and cap into place. The finished Gothic Power Generator measures 3.5″ tall and has a 2.25″ square footprint.

gothic power generator & tank traps 11


Here you can see our Gothic Power Generator and 6 of the Tank Traps set up with 2 Games Workshop Space Marine models for scale.

gothic power generator & tank traps 12


We’ll definitely get great use out of both of these kits in our games of Warhammer 40k and other sci-fi themed wargames, plus the styling of these kits means they’ll fit in nicely with existing 40k terrain available from Games Workshop. The Gothic Power Generator makes a great objective to fight over, and the Tank Traps are really versatile as they can be set up in many defensive configurations.  If you’d like to pick up these kits or check out the rest of the range, head over to

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