Grand Alliance Death Review

1 Grand Alliance Death Review

This book covers the the smallest of the four Grand Alliances. It follows the formula seen in both the Chaos and Order books. Deathlords, Soulblight, Deathmages, Deadwalkers, Deathrattle, Flesh-eater Courts, Beasts of the Grave, and Nighthaunt are the 8 factions that now constitute the Death Grand Alliance. Each of these gets a little background story before going over the various Warscrolls. The artwork is a departure from the original WHFB style and I am starting to really enjoy it.

2 Grand Alliance Death Review

Since it is such a small alliance the book itself is only 88 pages long and only has one warscroll battalion. It is enjoyable to read but my only complaint is the disparity in Warscroll Battalions. They honestly could of easily included a Warscroll Battalion for many of these 8 factions. Of the three Grand Alliance books I have read so far, this one got me the least excited about the new factions. This is mostly due to the fact there just isn’t a whole lot of content in this book.

5 Grand Alliance Death Review

Overall the book itself is fun to read but just could of used a bit more content. The price point is only  $16.50 (or £10) so it is one of the most affordable publications I can remember GW putting out there!

3 out of 5 stars

3 Grand Alliance Death Review


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