Grand Alliance: Destruction Review

1 Grand Alliance Destruction Review


Grand Alliance: Destruction is the fourth and final release of the Grand Alliance books by Games Workshop. This details the artists formerly known as Orcs, Goblins, and Ogres. We see these two armies split into 12 unique factions, each with their own fluff and background. I have to say that I have really enjoyed reading all of the Grand Alliance books and they are definitely worth picking up for anyone who wants to get some history on the armies as they exist in Age of Sigmar. The fluff sections are great and give some context to the armies as they exist in the 8 Mortal Realms. Not a lot has changed in terms of character or drive, but it is fun to see what has happened in the years leading up to the Age of Sigmar. It is nice to see GW split these factions up and make it possible to really focus on a group with future content (just like we are seeing with the Flesh Eater Courts Battle Tome release).

2 Grand Alliance Destruction Review


This was the Grand Alliance book which had me the most excited since Orcs and Goblins had been my main Warhammer Fantasy Battle Army for the better part of the last ten years. While the fluff content, art, and warscrolls were great, the lack of any Warscroll Battalions was a glaring omission. It is a great book with a low price point, but leaving out any Warscroll Battalions was a curious move on their part.

4 Grand Alliance Destruction Review


Fluff: A

This book gives you a nice backdrop for all the major factions of Destruction. It gives you a reason why there are three main factions of Orcs (Greenskinz, Bonesplitterz, and Ironjawz). It also describes why there are three main factions of Goblins (Gitmobs, Moonclans, and Spiderfangs).

Rules Content: C

The Warscrolls are great. The lack of any Warscroll Battalions is rather disappointing. I wasn’t expecting a ton but a few would have been nice. It makes me think that we have a few Battle Tomes in the works since those typically come with 8 to 9.

3 Grand Alliance Destruction Review


Presentation: A+

I really like the new style in which GW is handling their art. The Orcs are really presented as total savages and a force of nature. The concept of making Destruction not so much evil as they are basically a force of nature. Not good nor evil. They will destroy anything and it doesn’t really matter if it flies the banner of Sigmaron or the Fell Powers.

5 Grand Alliance Destruction Review


Overall: B

This book is basically a must have for anyone who plans on playing this faction. It gives you the backdrop for the various factions and gives you some great inspiration for army concepts. While the lack of any Warscroll Battalions is extremely disappointing, the low price point and high quality presentation make up for it.


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