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Victoria Miniatures Guard Conversion PartsAustralia based Victoria Miniatures have been hard at work recently, not only do they have a brand new web store, but a whole load of new guard conversion parts too. Today we are looking at a selection of recent releases, plus a couple of older conversion parts that we have been dying to try out for a while. We know from our last review that Victoria Miniatures conversion parts fit perfectly with 28mm infantry from other ranges (click here if you missed it), so can be used to create really unique fighting forces for your wargames.

Victoria Miniatures kindly sent us 3 bags of 28-30mm metal conversion parts for review. Here you can see the first bag, crammed with conversion parts from across the Victoria Miniatures range.

Victoria Miniatures Guard Conversion Parts 1


The first thing we pulled out of the bag were these 10 Sword and Laser Pistol arms which are available for $10.00 AUD ( approx £6.20 or $9.75 USD). Perfect for use with the Dress Uniform Torsos (see below) or other sci-fi infantry.

Victoria Miniatures Guard Conversion Parts 2


Next out of the bag are these 10 Militia Heads ($8.00 AUD) and 5 Dress Uniform Torsos ($5.50 AUD). The Dress Uniform Torsos have lots of tiny details, plus come with some extra pouches attached to the sprue. We’ll take a closer look at the heads later on in the review.

Victoria Miniatures Guard Conversion Parts 3


Also in the bag were 6 Shoulder Boards (2.10 AUD) 5 Pistol Holsters ($2.00 AUD), 5 Bayonet Sheathes ($2.00 AUD), plus a Gas Mask and Goggles Sprue ($2.00). All of these accessories are designed to let you create a really personalised fighting force, its great to see so many options available.

Victoria Miniatures Guard Conversion Parts 4


Here you can see a closer picture of the 10 Militia Heads. What we like about these (and this goes for the rest of the heads available from Victoria Miniatures too) is how varied they are and how much character has been captured in these tiny sculpts.

Victoria Miniatures Guard Conversion Parts 5


We used some of the parts listed above in conjunction with some Victorian Legs we had from our last review to make two full miniatures using only Victoria Miniatures conversion parts. We think these models look great, and would be useful in several 28-30mm wargames, including Warhammer 40k as Imperial Guardsmen or Grey Knight Henchmen.

Victoria Miniatures Guard Conversion Parts 6


Here you can see the two Victoria Miniatures soldiers with a 28mm Imperial Guardsman from Warhammer 40k for scale.

Victoria Miniatures Guard Conversion Parts 7


Our second most favorite thing Victoria Miniatures sent us (see further down for number 1!) is this Gas Mask and Goggles Sprue containing accessories to customise your minis even further, we think these are a great idea! If there is one particular set of goggles or the gas mask that you know you will need a few of, you can purchase sprues containing 5 identical accessories for $2.00 AUD from Victoria Miniatures.

Victoria Miniatures Guard Conversion Parts 8


Here you can see we have added a small pair of goggles to one of the Militia heads, we’re really impressed with these pieces as they let you personalise your minis to your hearts content.

Victoria Miniatures Guard Conversion Parts 9


The second bag we received contains a selection of Penal Guard conversion parts we have been eyeing up for use as Penal Legions in our Warhammer 40k Imperial Guard armies.

Victoria Miniatures Guard Conversion Parts 10


Inside the bag were a selection of Bald Heads ($5.00 AUD for 6), Penal Character Heads ($4.00 AUD for 4) and Penal Guard Torsos ($3.30 AUD for 3). If you are planning a squad of these guys, there is a 10 man Penal Guard Conversion Kit available for £18.00 AUD which contains all of the heads mentioned, plus 9 Penal Guard Torsos.

Victoria Miniatures Guard Conversion Parts 11


Using the Victorian Legs we already had, we created these two armless criminals with the Penal Guard Torsos and 2 of the Bald Heads. Checking the new Victoria Miniatures web store, we’ve seen that they have now expanded their range with Conscript Legs, which we bet would look even better on these guys. These are great conversion pieces if you want something to represent a Penal Legion in Warhammer 40k, or just convicts in other RPGs & wargames. They can be outfitted with various arms available from Victoria Miniatures or arms from similar ranges.

Victoria Miniatures Guard Conversion Parts 12


Here you can see our mean looking Penal Guard with an Imperial Guard model from Games Workshop for scale.

Victoria Miniatures Guard Conversion Parts 13


Our absolute favorite conversion part from Victoria Miniatures came in the last bag.

Victoria Miniatures Guard Conversion Parts 14


These are Cthood Heads and are available for $5.00 AUD per set of 6. We love the Cthulhu inspired alien look of these heads and can think of lots of uses for them in our games, we are most excited about using them as is Genestealer Cult members in our games of Warhammer 40k.

Victoria Miniatures Guard Conversion Parts 15


Here you can see we assembled 2 of the Cthood Heads with the Penal Guard Torsos from earlier, which makes them look like alien slaves/captives, another great option for our wargames.

Victoria Miniatures Guard Conversion Parts 16


Here the Cthood Heads are shown with an Imperial Guardsman for scale.

Victoria Miniatures Guard Conversion Parts 17


Wow, what a lot of options! The range of conversion parts available from Victoria Miniatures continues to grow, providing countless possibilities for your wargaming miniatures. Here at Graven Games we’re big fans of the modelling/conversion side of the hobby, so having access to these finely sculpted conversion parts is definitely great news, and we already have lots of ideas of things we’d like to do with them.  From Genestealer Cults to Penal Legions, and alternative Imperial Guardsmen, we’re feeling inspired after testing out these samples. If you’d like to see the rest of the range, head over to

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