Hefaistos Super Heavy Mortar Review

Hefaistos Super Heavy MortarToday we are excited to be reviewing the intimidating looking Hefaistos Super Heavy Mortar kit, kindly sent over to us from Bitspudlo. The Hefaistos is one of Bitspudlo’s range of 28mm armoured vehicle kits which is compatible with wargames such as Warhammer 40k. Bitspudlo also offer a whole range of other conversion parts and models for use with 28mm futuristic wargames, including everything from cyborgs and robots, to deamons and cyber wolves.

Here you can see our Hefaistos kit arrived in a large blister pack, so large in fact that we’ve included a photo including a 28mm Space Marine from Warhammer 40k by Games workshop to show you just how big this kit is. These Hefaistos kits are available direct from Bitspudlo for $38.62 (around £24) and are based on the same chassis as their other tanks and transport vehicles.

Hefaistos Super Heavy Mortar 1

Hefaistos Super Heavy Mortar 2


Inside the blister pack we find a collection of large parts including the tracks and hull, plus a bag containing all the smaller details. All parts are cast in a light grey coloured resin.

Hefaistos Super Heavy Mortar 3


Here are the parts which make up the top and bottom of the vehicle’s hull, there are plenty of details on these including lots of armour panels and rivets.

Hefaistos Super Heavy Mortar 4


These 2 parts will be the sides of the Hefaistos’s hull, they come with pegs to attach tracks and wheels, more armour plates and rivets, plus slots/rails where the other parts of this kit fit into.

Hefaistos Super Heavy Mortar 5

Hefaistos Super Heavy Mortar 6


The Hefaistos Super Heavy Mortar kit comes equipped with some heavy duty looking tracks and wheels to help it move around the battlefield. Bitspudlo also produce other options for locomotion (sold separately) including hovercraft propulsion system!

Hefaistos Super Heavy Mortar 7


One thing we did notice on these pieces were a few deformations from the casting process, luckily though, these are mostly contained on one side of the tracks so we should be able to hide them when assembling the model.

Hefaistos Super Heavy Mortar 8

Hefaistos Super Heavy Mortar 9


The Hefaistos kit comes equipped with an absolutely huge cannon, and here are the parts it consists of.

Hefaistos Super Heavy Mortar 10


The mortar/cannon itself has a massive barrel, and judging by the size of the ammunition (1 shell is included in this kit), there will not be much left of the enemy after this thing hits.

Hefaistos Super Heavy Mortar 11

Hefaistos Super Heavy Mortar 12


We did notice here that the mortar also has some bubbles like we found on the tracks, but again since this is the bottom of the mortar, its unlikely to be seen on the finished model.

Hefaistos Super Heavy Mortar 13


The Hefaistos Super Heavy Mortar comes with 2 side doors for crew access, here you can see the outside and then the inside of these armoured doors.

Hefaistos Super Heavy Mortar 14

Hefaistos Super Heavy Mortar 15


Here you can see us comparing the dimiensions of the doors found on Bitspudlo’s kits, with those found on Space Marine vehicles from Warhammer 40k, they are very close so we would imagine if you had some Forge World Rhino doors with chapter symbols on them, you could probably make them fit the Hefaistos.

Hefaistos Super Heavy Mortar 16


With all of the larger parts examined we are left with this bag of smaller parts.

Hefaistos Super Heavy Mortar 17


Inside the bag we found these 2 smaller weapon options to mount on the hull of the Hefaistos, there appears to be some kind of flamethrower and projectile weapon, which is great news for any 40k players hoping to use the Hefaistos in their Imperial Guard armies, as these could easily count as a heavy bolter or heavy flamer.

Hefaistos Super Heavy Mortar 18


The rest of the parts in the bag are shown here, they go together to create what Bitspudlo call the Mechanical Loader and Gun Shell.

Hefaistos Super Heavy Mortar 19


When fitted together the parts form an armoured crane arm, a really cool addition to this kit, we’re glad to see that is part is also available separately form Bitspudlo as it seems like a great part for use in conversions.

Hefaistos Super Heavy Mortar 20


Ok, it’s time to start assembling this beast. Firstly, we assembled the top, bottom and sides of the Hefaistos using super glue.

Hefaistos Super Heavy Mortar 21


Next we added the side doors, plus tracks and wheels. As we had hoped, the bubbles we found earlier on the tracks are pretty well hidden now.

Hefaistos Super Heavy Mortar 22


Next up are the guns, we slotted the Super Heavy Mortar assembly into the top of the Hefaistos, plus we added the ‘counts as’ Heavy bolter to the front.

Hefaistos Super Heavy Mortar 23


Lastly, to the rear of the vehicle we added the Mechanical Loader and Gun Shell which really finishes off this kit nicely.

Hefaistos Super Heavy Mortar 24

Hefaistos Super Heavy Mortar 25

Hefaistos Super Heavy Mortar 26

Hefaistos Super Heavy Mortar 27


The Super Heavy Mortar on the Hefaistos can be angled as shown below, so it can be lobbing shells high into the sky, or aimed more directly.

Hefaistos Super Heavy Mortar 28


Hefaistos Super Heavy Mortar 29


Here is the Hefaistos shown with an 28mm Warhammer 40k Imperial Guardsman from Games Workshop for scale, it really shows how big that mortar is!

Hefaistos Super Heavy Mortar 30


The Hefaistos is heavily armed and armoured and fits in well with the 28mm ‘heroic’ scale we are used to seeing in games like 40k. Here you can see how the Hefaistos measures up to a Space Marine Rhino chassis from GW, its very close but the Hefaistos is just a tiny bit wider, most likely bringing it into line with the Imperial Guard Chimera chassis.

Hefaistos Super Heavy Mortar 31

Hefaistos Super Heavy Mortar 32


As previously mentioned, the Mechanical Loader is available separately as a conversion part, so we decided to test fit it to one of our Rhinos. We think this is a fantastic looking addition, especially in an army using the Iron Hands Chapter Tactics like our Iron Guard.

Hefaistos Super Heavy Mortar 33


The Hefaistos from Bitspudlo is a solid looking tank which could make a great alternative model for use in many futuristic 28mm wargames. For Warhammer 40k Space Marine players this might make a good Vindicator or Hunter alternative, or in an Imperial Guard army maybe a Basilisk or Bombard, in fact its almost a perfect alternative to Forge World’s Bombard with its massive mortar and mechanical loading arm. It’s always good to see the range of 28mm sci-fi tanks available to wargamers growing, let us know what you think of this one in the comments below. If you’d like to see what else Bitspudlo have to offer, head over to http://bitspudlo.com/





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