Iron Guard Allies: Mechanicus Henchmen Conversions

iron guard inquisitorial henchmen conversionWe’re back again with another update to our heavily converted Iron Guard Space Marine chapter, this time in the form of some allied Grey Knight Inquisitorial Henchmen which we have modeled to look like Adeptus Mechanicus skitarii. You may have already seen our other Ad Mech themed Grey Knight units including our Techpriest ‘counts as’ Inquisitor Coteaz and our cyber skull style Jokaero, but these new skitarii will be making up the bulk of our allied force.

Meet one of the Skitarii. This model is based on the WARZONE Imperial Soliders we reviewed a little while ago, we chose to use these as the base for our conversions as they’ve already got some nice details and are very reasonably priced. This particular skitarii is one of six that will be armed with a bolter in our games of Warhammer 40k and will be backed up by some slightly more heavily armed and armoured models.

iron guard inquisitorial henchmen conversion 1


The conversion work done here consists mainly of the backpack and weapon modifications as we already thought the base model looked great. The largest part backpack is made from a piece of the hunter killer missile kit that comes with Space Marine vehicles with the rest being plasticard, sprue, and greenstuff. The cable connecting the backpack to the weapon is made of greenstuff using the Masq-Mini TubeTool we have previously reviewed, and the larger barrel added to the rifle is simple a short piece of plasticard tube (this is better seen in the image above).

iron guard inquisitorial henchmen conversion 2


In addition to the bolter-weilding skitarii we have also included 3 plasma gun specialists in the squad. As a base for these we used the heavy weapons models that come in the WARZONE set as they have a more heavily armoured look to them. To represent this in game we will pay the points required to upgrade thier armour from 5+ to 4+ (you need the best save possible when firing plasma weapons!). The converted backpack remains the same on these models, and the weapon has been totally replaced with a Games Workshop Warhammer 40k plasma gun. The gun and hand is magnetised in case we ever need to give them different weapons in future.

iron guard inquisitorial henchmen conversion 3


Here you can see how our Skitarii match up in size to thier Techpriest leader on the left, and Mechanicus Jokaero on the right.

iron guard inquisitorial henchmen conversion 4


Here are all the skitarii that will go into the squad, we think they look like an effective fighting force when ranked up like this, and will hopefully look good painted up in the Adeptus Mechanicus red/silver colour scheme.

iron guard inquisitorial henchmen conversion 5

iron guard inquisitorial henchmen conversion 6


Our skitarii wont be fighting alone though, the complete unit will  be made up of all 9 skitarii, the 2 Jokaero, and will be lead by the Techpriest (counts as Coteaz). Together they should be able to lay down a devastating amount of firepower, bolstered by the powers from both Coteaz and the Jokaero.

iron guard inquisitorial henchmen conversion 7


Now all they need is a Chimera transport to fire out of and safely manuver them around the battlefield, which is something that we are already well underway with building!

Let us know what you think of these conversions, or if you have any ideas for the rest of our Adeptus Mechanicus themed force using the coments below.

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