Ironside, Ironstorm, and Ironshield Tanks and APC Review

ironside main battle tankToday we’re excited to bring you three reviews in one, a collection of huge war machines from Pig Iron Productions. We already know from our previous reviews that Pig Iron Productions make some great infantry models (see our other reviews here), so we’re excited to see what their vehicles have to offer. Each of these futuristic vehicles is 28mm scale and are based around the same large armoured chassis.

We’re going to start off by looking at the SL.1 Ironside MBT complete kit. A large, heavily armoured tank available for £25.50 (around $40). Here you can see an overview of the parts included in the kit, two large resin pieces and a bag of metal parts.

ironside main battle tank 1


The largest part by far is the SL.1 Ironside Chassis. This part is available separately for £17.50 (around $27.50) if you want to use it as a base for any other vehicle. The first thing we noticed about this is how well it is cast, not a single bubble or fault anywhere on this huge piece of resin, and the details are all nice and sharp.

ironside main battle tank 2

ironside main battle tank 3


The rear of the chassis is left open, soon to be covered by one of several metal plates depending on your vehicle of choice. The underside of this part is hollow, which helps keep the weight and cost down, and won’t be noticeable on the finished model.

ironside main battle tank 4


The chassis is covered in armour plates, weapon mounts, vents and other details.

ironside main battle tank 5


Next we’ll take a look at what sets this kit apart from the other vehicles in Pig Iron’s range, the huge turret and cannon. Again, this part is cast in resin, and not a single bubble or mold line can be seen.

ironside main battle tank 6


The turret has a peg on the bottom which fits into a hole on top of the chassis which means this part does not need to be glued and can be turned to aim as needed. The cannon on this tank is absolutely huge and sure to terrify you enemies!

ironside main battle tank 7
ironside main battle tank 8


The rest of the parts in this kit are all cast in metal and come in a separate bag.

ironside main battle tank 9


Inside the bag are one large plate to cover the rear of the Ironside MBT, two hatches, and three items of stowage.

ironside main battle tank 10


Here you can see we have attached the two hatches (one on the turret and one on the main chassis), the rear plate, and the stowage. This is the kit fully assembled, and as you can see it was very simple to put together, but the result is a very brutal looking tank.

ironside main battle tank 11
ironside main battle tank 12
ironside main battle tank 13


When placed next to a Warhammer 40k Space Marine Rhino for scale, you can see that this is no small tank! We’d suggest this would make a great alternative Imperial Guard vehicle if you are a 40k player, or any main battle tank in other 28mm sci-fi wargames.

ironside main battle tank 14
ironside main battle tank 15


We’ve also included a shot of a 28mm Imperial Guardsman, again from Games Workshop’s Warhammer 40k, for scale. This tank will also work well with Pig Iron Productions’ own range of 28mm infantry.

ironside main battle tank 16


Now that we’ve had a look at the Ironside MBT, lest see what else Pig Iron have to offer. Based around the same chassis, Pig Iron produce a second tank known as the SL.2 Ironstorm. The Ironstorm can be purchased as a complete kit for £25.50 or in separate parts via Pig Iron’s website. In addition to the chassis we have already seen, we received these new pieces, a smaller resin turret and collection of metal parts.

ironside main battle tank 17


This kit includes the same rear hatch we saw on the Ironside MBT, several items of stowage, a hatch, plus two large cannons, both of which look like they’re designed to fire lots of large shells very quickly.

ironside main battle tank 18


Here you can see we have added one of the cannon designs to the turret, plus the hatch and stowage to the Ironstorm.

ironside main battle tank 19
ironside main battle tank 20


The second cannon design can be seen here. The Ironstorm looks like a great model for use as either a tank or a heavily armed APC in many wargames, plus the weapon options are generic enough looking that you should be able to use them within most rulesets easily. This is a great looking vehicle, and we love the chunky design.

ironside main battle tank 21
ironside main battle tank 22


With the Ironside MBT and Ironstorm assembled, its time to move onto our last Pig Iron vehicle in this review. Once more using the same chassis but this time designed to fill an APC role, its time to meet the SL.3 Ironshield APC. As with the other vehicles in this range, the Ironshield kit is priced at £25.50, or you can buy the parts separately if you plan any conversion work. below you can see the metal parts from this kit.

ironside main battle tank 23


No large resin turret this time as this is designed as an APC, but you do get a smaller metal turret (including 3 weapon choices), an even larger rear panel for the back of the chassis, a large armour plated panel to go on top of the chassis, a hatch, and 3 pieces of stowage.

ironside main battle tank 24


Together these parts make up a very heavily armoured APC to keep your troops safe, and we like that there are several choices of weapons for the smaller turret. The panel at the rear of the tank includes a large door to make sure your troops can enter and exit easily.

ironside main battle tank 25
ironside main battle tank 26
ironside main battle tank 27


When placed next to a Warhammer 40k Space Marine Rhino for scale, you can see that this transport is similar in height, but a little longer. We know a lot of 40k players who believe the Space Marine Rhino should really be a bit bigger if its meant to carry 10 power armoured Space Marines, so a slightly bigger vehicle like this would be very useful. We’d also be tempted to use this as an alternative Imperial Guard Chimera in 40k too.

ironside main battle tank 28


The Pig Iron Productions website is full of beautifully painted miniatures, so we’ve borrowed their pictures showing painted examples of the 3 tanks in our review.

ironside main battle tank 29
ironside main battle tank 30
ironside main battle tank 31


Wow. These chunky futuristic tanks really appeal to us and we can wait to use them in our games. Pig Iron have set themselves apart form other manufacturers by developing their own style of extremely heavy and brutal looking machinery, which will be a welcome addition to many 28mm sci-fi wargames. Personally we plan to use the Ironshield APC as an alternative Imperial Guard Chimera model in our ‘counts as’ Adeptus Mechanicus army for warhammer 40k, but of course there are many games where these tanks would be useful. If you’d like to see more of the range head over to

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