Kolony Rebel Squad Leaders Review

Kolony Rebel Squad LeadersBack in June we took a look at Pig Iron Production’s Kolony Rebels, a set of 28mm sci-fi miniatures on which Pig Iron had included rubble shaped sprue for use in decorating the bases. Since then Pig Iron have released  the Kolony Rebel Squad Leaders, and it looks like they have taken the rubble shaped sprue idea to the next level on this kit. The Kolony Rebel Squad Leaders kit contains enough parts to build 3 Rebel Leaders with mixed clothing, plus plenty of detailed extras for decorating the bases with.

Here you can see ‘KRSL.1 Kolony Rebel Squad Leaders’, a metal sprue which is available on the Pig Iron Productions site for £6.75 (around $11).

Kolony Rebel Squad Leaders 1


Below you can see a couple of close up shots of the sprue which really show off the detail in both the squad leader parts and the rubble shaped sprue.

Kolony Rebel Squad Leaders 2

Kolony Rebel Squad Leaders 3


The 3 torsos that come with the set include integral arms and weapons, and are covered in details like little pouches and straps. Each of the armour/clothing designs is slightly different to fit in with the rebel theme.

Kolony Rebel Squad Leaders 4


The 3 sets of legs that come with the kit are again in mixed clothing and are each posed differently. You can match any of the above torsos with any of these legs.

Kolony Rebel Squad Leaders 5


The 3 heads are also differently equipped, and each is well detailed. We especially like the one on the right in this image with its high-tech feel.

Kolony Rebel Squad Leaders 6


Using the above 9 parts in various combinations, you can create a variety of squad leaders for your Kolony Rebels. We think these would be great in games like Tomorrows War, and would make excellent alternative Imperial Guardsmen in Warhammer 40k.

Kolony Rebel Squad Leaders 7

Kolony Rebel Squad Leaders 8


To test that out further, here you can see a Kolony Rebel Squad Leader with an Imperial Guardsman from Warhammer 40k for scale. The second image shows how the parts can be mixed and matched across different ranges, in this case the metal parts are from Pig Iron and the grey plastic parts are from Games Workshop.

Kolony Rebel Squad Leaders 9

Kolony Rebel Squad Leaders 10


Once the Squad Leaders are assembled, we are left with this highly detailed rubble shaped sprue. Making the sprue into something useful is a great idea as it means nothing is wasted, and the person assembling the kits gets more for their money.

Kolony Rebel Squad Leaders 11


here you can see we have chopped the sprue up into 6 reasonably large pieces, you could easily break this down further into more smaller pieces if desired.

Kolony Rebel Squad Leaders 12


These sprue pieces can then be added to the bases of your miniatures which as you can see instantly brings these minis to life.

Kolony Rebel Squad Leaders 13


We think that Pig Iron Productions have done a great job on the the ‘KRSL.1 Kolony Rebel Squad Leaders’ kit, the miniatures themselves work well as leaders for the Kolony Rebel squads and the design of the rubble shaped sprue has taken leaps and bounds forward. Additionally, the parts in the kit are compatible with models from other manufacturers so they can be used in your own conversions.  If you’d like to see more of what Pig Iron Productions have to offer, head over to http://www.pig-iron-productions.com/.

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