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kr-multicaseIn today’s review from Graven Games we are going to test out a figure transport case available from KR Multicase ( KR Multicase produce an absolutely massive range of foam trays, cases and accessories for wargaming at all popular scales, and have trays designed specifically to fit models from most popular wargames including Warmachine, Warhammer, 40k, Malifaux and more.

We’ve decided to a case review because we know that there are many wargamers out there who spend time building and painting amazing models and then carry them around in a toolbox, shoe box, or even just wrapped in tissue. As you’ll see below, for very little investment you can get a case specifically designed to protect your miniatures, and make it much easier to travel with and store them safely.

We chose to go with the Card case from KR Multicase because we feel it offers exceptional value, and is a great starting point within KR’s modular system of interchangeable trays and cases. KR’s range also includes Aluminium cases, Kaiser Transport bags, Backpacks, K – Lites, and even cases with wheels for those of you with large collections to transport. The KR Card case is available from £22.99 including core trays and free postage, and can easily hold up to 200 28mm troops.

…Now yes we did say Card case, but there’s no need to be alarmed, KR use a very dense and rigid form of card in their cases and it is a world apart from other cardboard packing boxes you may be used to. This strong card is smooth on the outside, looking like it would easily repel the odd splash of water, and the inside has a matt finish.

The picture below shows the Card case we had delivered. It arrived well protected in a plastic mailing bag, and inside that a fitted bubble-wrap bag containing our case. The packaging also contained one of KR’s new catalogues (available here) which is a great little resource showing how to select and get the best out of KR products.



We were immediately relieved on opening the Card case to see that its is very sturdily constructed, and any previous concerns we had about the durability of a case made of card immediately disappeared. The Card comes with a plastic KR Branded handle for transport and also works as a locking mechanism to keep the case closed. Due to the construction of the case it is very light while remaining sturdy enough to protect your miniatures.



As you can see from the picture below, the KR Card case is similar in very size to other cases on the market such as the Citadel Figure Case available from Games Workshop. While the KR Card case is slightly shorter than the Citadel Figure Case, it can actually hold nearly twice as many models, 200 compared to 108! KR obviously put in a lot of effort designing the trays inside the case to be as space efficient as possible, while still keeping the models safe.



Here is an open view of the cases side by side. KR’s philosophy is soft foam for miniatures, hard cases for soft foam. This means that miniatures are well protected as they are completely surrounded buy the soft foam, and then these trays fit into hard cases. As the models are completely surrounded in foam, it doesn’t matter which way up you carry them plus the hard cases stack nicely and so you can easily store multiple cases as needed.



Here we have 1 layer of blue KR foam and 1 layer of Red Citadel foam. There are two things to note here, firstly the blue foam looks the same but is actually less dense, making it softer and less likely to harm you miniatures. Secondly the trays are both designed to store basic 28mm figures yet the capacity of the blue KR foam way exceeds that of the Citadel red foam. The Citadel foam will hold up to 36 minis in 4 rows of 9 models, not many players use squads of 9 models, so this has always seemed a bit of a strange layout to us. The Blue KR foam can hold up to 50 minis in 5 rows of 10, which we think is of much more use to most gamers.



Here are the entire contents of the case. We chose a selection of trays that would be suitable for most Warhammer 40k Space Marine players. The trays we chose are able to hold 1x Landraider, 2x Rhino/Razorback/Whirlwind, 1x Predator, 2x Dreadnought, 18 Terminators, and 50 troops, all in a standard case – amazing!kr-multicase-6


The trays that are designed to be holding vehicles came complete with foam blocks ready to be replaced. We liked that these were included because not only do they help the foam tray retain its shape while not in use, but they make very handy proxies in game! Do you need something to represent a Space Marine Landraider in your next game? …well now you have one made out of foam!




One enjoyable aspect of wargaming is selecting your own choice of weaponry on your units, so obviously not all models end up exactly the same shape. For this reason KR has thought ahead and perforated some areas of the trays so that if you upgrade your tank with larger weapons, you can just pluck out the foam to match.



Below is a picture of tray M4H, which we ordered 2 of for our case. Each of these trays is designed to hold 25 miniatures at 28mm scale. we found that Tactical Marines, Devastators and Assault marines fit well in these slots. For more dynamically posed models like HQ’s, you might want to take a look at the next tray in our review.



Tray F3H is designed to hold your heavy infantry like Terminators, and as you can see we found they fit most comfortably if alternating head to toe in each compartment due to their 40mm bases. This would also be a good place to store your independent characters, HQs or other models which might need a little more room than your standard Space Marine.



The tray known as SM1+SM2 impressed us a lot. This tray will hold a Space Marine Predator (with turret removed and placed in provided slot) plus and additional 2 Space Marine Rhinos. It feels like we’re really packing a lot models into this one case.



Lastly is the deepest tray we ordered,  the SM24. This tray is designed to hold a single Land Raider and 2 Dreadnoughts which as you can see in the image below all fit snugly into their compartments with adequate room for their various weapon options.



…so wait, we actually managed to fit 50 troops, 18 Terminators, 2 Dreadnoughts, 2 Rhinos, 1 Predator and 1 Landraider all in one standard case?! and these case and custom cut tray combos are available from £29.99?! (or £22.99 if choosing standard trays)  …Wow. Here at Graven Games we think KR Multicase have worked some serious magic to allow us take a whole 1500 point or so Space Marine army including vehicles all in one modular case.

We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the KR Multicase Card case to anyone looking for a reasonably priced case to store or transport their army in. If you’d like to purchase a card case or learn more about KR’s range, head over to


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