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mantic corporation marinesWe’re back with another review from Mantic’s Warpath Range, and this time we’re taking a close look at the well trained and equipped Corporation Marines. The Corporation are Warpath’s human faction, and are set on assimilating, conquering, or else destroying the civilisations they encounter as they extend their territory within the galaxy.

For more background info and artwork, check out the free Corporation Dossier. If you’d like to check out the rules for Warpath, they are available as a free download on Mantic’s site.

We ordered the Corporation Marines twin-pack (20 Figures) which is priced at £24.99. Just as with the Jotunn Hailstorm Cannon we reviewed, The Corporation models are retail packaged in a hard plastic case which protects the sprues and can be used afterwards to store assembled models or gaming accessories in. The case comes with a glossy printed cover showing a painted version of the Marines on the front, and giving some background info on the rear of the case.

mantic corporation marines 1

mantic corporation marines 2


On opening the case, you can see that it contains two sheets of black foam protecting our two squads of marines and their bases.

mantic corporation marines 3


Here we have removed the contents from the case and you can see that each squad comes in its own sealed bag, along with 10 separate 25mm bases per squad. The contents of both bags are identical, so each squad has the full range of options/parts.

mantic corporation marines 4


Each of the large bags contains a collection of loose parts and sprues plus 2 smaller bags. the loose parts consist of 9x heads, 9x bodies, 9x (right hand) rifle arms and 3x special weapons. The the first of the 2 smaller bags contain 9x left arms, and the second one contains an additional kneeling posed body, 2 more heads, plus an energy fist and pistol.

mantic corporation marines 5


Here is a close up of the heads/helmets supplied for the Marines, you get three of these sprues per squad. We like the unusual design of these helmets, especially the one in the centre with the visor down for a more heavily armoured look.

mantic corporation marines 6


Here are the three additional special weapons, they look to us like they could easily be used to represent a wide range of weapons depending on the wargame you play. To put these to use you would need to cut the rifle from one of the existing arms and replace it as there are no spare/empty arms with this kit.

mantic corporation marines 7


Here are the 3 main poses of body available for each squad, there is also a kneeling design that you will see further below. You get 3 of each of these bodies in the kit along with one kneeling body.

mantic corporation marines 8


The rifle arms have also been designed in sets of three, here you can see one of each design.

mantic corporation marines 9


Here is the contents of the first of the smaller bags, there are 3×3 left arm designs to match up with the rifle arms.

mantic corporation marines 10


The second smaller bag contains the kneeling body, 2 more heads (one of which is of a different design to the rest of the kit) and the pistol arm and energy fist designed for use on your squad commander.

mantic corporation marines 11


Each of the Marines in Mantic’s kit is made up of 4 main parts (head/body/right arm/left arm) plus an optional 25mm base , but these models will stand on their smaller integral bases if desired.

mantic corporation marines 12


Here you can see 2 of our first completed marines, the commander on the left and a Marine with rifle on the right. Here they are just using their integral bases. These models are made of a plastic resin which means you will need to use super glue to assemble them.

mantic corporation marines 13


Here is what the Corporation Marines look like on the optional 25mm bases, the inclusion of these makes it easy to use the Corporation models in other wargames like Warhammer 40k, if you wish.

mantic corporation marines 14


We were interested to see how Mantic’s human infantry compared with similar models from other ranges. Here you can see 2 Corporation Marines with a Games Workshop Imperial Guardsman in the middle. While the models are roughly the same height, you can see they are differently proportioned. We still think that Corporation Marines would make great Imperial Guard stand-ins and vice versa.

mantic corporation marines 15


Below you can see the first of our finished squads of Corporation Marines. The look great lined up together and as you can see we were able to pull of a selection of different poses.

mantic corporation marines 16


And here is our second Squad, again with lots of differing poses.

mantic corporation marines 17


The 2 complete squads assembled and lined up together – a force to be reckoned with!

mantic corporation marines 18

mantic corporation marines 19


In summary, we think that Mantic’s Corporation Marines twin-pack is great value at £24.99 for 20 multi-part marines with various weapon options. We look forward to fielding them in Warpath, but can also think of plenty of other opportunities to use them, such as Imperial Guardsmen and Inquisitorial Henchmen in Warhammer 40k or as a futuristic human force in any other 28mm rule set. If you’d like to see some painted examples or see more models from the Corporation range,  head over to


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