Mark Of The Lycan Pack Review

mark of the lycan packToday we’ve got our hands on a Mark Of The Lycan Pack from Mythicast, a company based in the Philippines who make a range of wolf related 28mm miniatures. To us, these miniatures look like they could be excellent alternative Space Wolves models for Warhammer 40k players. In addition to the Mark of the Lycan Pack, Mithicast also produce War Wolf Cavalry with Thunder Shields, plus packs of Wolf Minions for your wargames.

Here you can see our Mark of the Lycan Pack in their packaging, this set of 5 28mm miniatures plus bases is priced at $35 (around £22.40) from the mythicast online store.

mark of the lycan pack 1


Each of the 28mm Lycan miniatures is cast in a beige coloured resin, and is packed with detail. Here you can see front and back shots of the first Lycan mini we opened.

mark of the lycan pack 2

mark of the lycan pack 3


The second Lycan mini is in a howling pose, just one of the great poses on these models.

mark of the lycan pack 4 mark of the lycan pack 5


The third Lycan miniature is striding forward on armoured legs, which is something each member of the Lycan pack is equiped with.

mark of the lycan pack 6


The fourth Lycan we looked at is launching himself forward towards his prey (easier to see in later pictures when it is attached to a base).

mark of the lycan pack 7


The fith Lycan again has a great pose, full of movement and clawing at the enemy.

mark of the lycan pack 8


This shot shows 3 of the 5 supplied bases, they appear to be cast in the same or similar resin and have a slightly textured surface which would probably look good with a simple dry-brushed paint job.

mark of the lycan pack 9


Now that we’ve attached the Lycan Pack to their bases you can see how great they look as a group. We can imagine using these miniatures in any game where werewolves can be used, but especially Warhammer 40k, since these would make excellent Wulfen (feral man-wolf hybrids, created by an adverse reaction to the gene-seed of the Space Wolves) for a Space Wolves player.

mark of the lycan pack 10


The shot below shows three Mark of the Lycan Pack miniatures with two Warhammer 40k Space Marines from Games Workshop, for scale.

mark of the lycan pack 11


These models look great once painted up, as you can see from these examples we found on the Mythicast site.

mark of the lycan pack 12


We were pleasantly surprised at how detailed and full of character the Mark of the Lycan Pack miniatures are. Mythicast have really managed to caputure a lot of movement and ferocity in these models. For Warhammer 40k Space Wolves players, these are great for showing off the feral side of the Wolves and would make perfect Wulfen. If you’d like to see the other wolf related 28mm miniatures available from Mythicast such as the War Wolf Cavalry, head over to


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