Nemesis Dreadknight Conversion

nemesis dreadknight conversion“Today we’re bringing youΒ an excellent conversion of the Nemesis Dreadknight by Mike Lopez, also known as “HeavyBolter” onΒ Mike has done a great job of beefing up the DreadKnight, adding lots of details, and he even replaced the harnessed Grey Knight on the front, for what we think is a much better look. Use the comments below to let Mike know what you think about this conversion, and whether you would use something like this in your own Warhammer 40k Grey Knight army.” – Graven Games

Greetings everyone, welcome to my in depth look at my conversion of the Nemesis Dreadknight model from Games Workshop. I picked the model up on Amazon and instantly knew that I wanted to do some kind of major conversion to it. The idea of the terminator sitting exposed in the center of the body just didn’t sit well with me. My first thought was an enclosed cockpit.

I started by assembling the body and positioning the legs in a more dynamic pose. They were pinned at the hip joints, right knee and the foot joints. I opted not to add the extra toes. something about them made the feet look too simian. The thigh armor plates are the chin guards from a dreadnaught. I also removed the piece on the center torso where the terminator pilot is mounted.

nemesis dreadknight conversion 1


I started the sculpting with the main chest cavity. I use a 50/50 blend of greenstuff and apoxy sculpt clay, sculpting it to look like a normal sized Grey Knight Terminator. The center icon was press molded from a GK Paladin icon. in hindsight I should have just used the icon and made it fit on the chest while it was soft. Once the chest hardened I fashioned the shoulder guards from plasticard. Using a custom made inquisitor shield I created a press mold and overlayed it over each shoulder.

nemesis dreadknight conversion 2


I sculpted the head from all green stuff to look like a terminator head. i should have used a 50/50 mix so I could get harder edges.

nemesis dreadknight conversion 3


Once the head was done I moved onto the lower torso. I filled in the gap in the groin area with putty and let that set. I sculpted the tabard and placed it over the groin, followed by the large purity seals. I also sculpted panels onto the abs section. Using a large metal chain I wrapped it around the waste and glued it into place, meeting in the middle of the lower torso. The hip armor plates and codpiece armor were cut from a jewellery stencil.

nemesis dreadknight conversion 4


I magnetized the weapons then added the arms. I also based him using cork.

nemesis dreadknight conversion 5


Here’s the finished model next to a Grey Knight.

nemesis dreadknight conversion 6


And here is the final product after airbrushing and weathering details added. I really enjoyed this project but I see where I could improve on the model and am working on another one right now. I’m sad to say this mighty defender of the Imperium is no longer part of my collection, but has found a home in the army of a fellow Dakka member. I hope you all enjoyed seeing the process from beginning to end.

nemesis dreadknight conversion 7

nemesis dreadknight conversion 8

nemesis dreadknight conversion 9


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My name is Mike Lopez and I’ve been building and painting models since I was ten years old. I started sculpting mechs for Battletech then own also enjoy sculpting, converting and airbrushing. I post projects mainly on as HeavyBolter.
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