Neodymium Magnets in Wargaming…

wargaming-with-magnetsHere at Graven Games, we’ve just received a sample pack of neodymium magnets from to use in our wargaming miniatures.  We’re already big fans of using magnets in our miniatures, and if you read on you’ll find out why…

Neodymium magnets are the strongest type of permanent magnets available; you’ll be amazed at how strong they are, even the tiny ones.  They’re also very reasonably priced which makes them suitable for use in wargaming miniatures.

Here is the package we received from



Here is the sample pack next to some tools. We’ve not taken the lid off of the pack in this photo, as the tiny magnets have such force that they will all jump out of their respective compartments and attract each other into a big lump of magnets. As you can see in the picture below, these magnets come in a huge range of sizes and shapes for different applications. We find we most regularly use the smaller disc shaped magnets such as 1mm Diameter x 1mm deep, 2x1mm and 3x2mm.



So what can we do with these magnets? Well the primary use for them here at Graven Games is magnetising arms and bodies so that you can make use of different weapon load-outs as required. We find this kind of flexibility really helps when building our own armies, and now that we’ve tried magnetising our models, we won’t be going back! In the picture below we have a Games Workshop Space Marine model ready to be magnetised, although of course you can apply this technique to any model of your choice from any company.



Here you can see it’s a simple case of drilling a small hole with a pin vice and then with a drop of superglue, place the magnet in the hole and leave it to dry. We chose to use a plastic model, as it’s much easier to drill a hole in. This is done on both the arm and the body. Remember that magnets have different poles, so make sure you put them around the right way so that they will attract each other rather than repel!



Here is the model with the magnets in place.



And here is what happens when we let the magnets attract each other. Not only do we have a model that we can pose, but we can swap the arms and weapons as needed for any other options that we have placed magnets in!



As you can see, magnetising a model is a simple process and adds a lot of flexibility to your miniatures. But why stop there? Here at Graven Games we’ve found many other uses for these neodymium magnets, such as…

  • Placing magnets on the bases of models so that they can be stored on a metal tray or in metal tin/container and be safely transported.
  • Magnetising markers on models to help keep track of wounds they have taken. For example, if the model takes a wound, a piece of armour or other detail can be removed from the model while leaving it in play.
  • Magnetising turrets and doors on vehicles for safe transporting of the models.
  • Magnetising backpacks and other equipment on your miniatures. Do you need to equip a mini with a jet pack? …no problem!

As you can see there are lots of opportunities to use neodymium magnets in your wargames, comment below if you come up with any other ideas!

Thanks to for our sample pack.

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