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storm-striderHere at Graven Games we’re always on the lookout for hulking war machines to add to our armies. Today we’re reviewing one of a selection of walking tanks known as Storm Striders, which are available from Scotia Grendel. Scotia Grendel’s website is a treasure-trove of  interesting models, some of which are from ranges that you might have thought were no longer available like Void 1.1 and Kryomek.

The Storm Strider model we ordered is part of the Kryomek range and is listed in the vehicle section of the Nexus forces. It’s priced at £11.99 and consists of a combination of metal and resin parts. We hadn’t actually realised just how big these things are until we had put it together, they’re huge and make for a very intimidating model once assembled!

The picture below shows the Storm Strider parts we had delivered from Scotia Grendel.



Here is a close-up  of the metal parts for this model. The two larger parts on the left act as the hips of the walker, and the remaining parts are an access hatch, aerial, and weapons.



These parts make up the main body of the vehicle. From left to right we have the top half of the body, the bottom half, and then the pelvis. All of these parts have a nice amount of mechanical detail and required very little cleaning up before use, just a quick wash in soapy water which is standard for resin parts. We really like these parts and think they have lots of potential to be used in conversions due to their familiar angled military armour look.



Next up are the legs and feet. The feet are cast with an integral base which keeps this model stable on the tabletop and protects the toes which would be otherwise delicate. The legs are in one piece and as you can see in the pictures the ones we received were not quite perfect as the details did not line up exactly. We think this could be mostly corrected with a bit of work with a modelling file.


storm-strider-5 lets run through how to build a Storm Strider. First up, glue the metal hips to the pelvis and the legs into the slots in the feet. As you can see, the legs and feet are quite stable due to the integral bases.



Next, glue the legs onto the hips. This is made easy as the legs have mounting holes which line up with raised areas of the hips.



Now lets start on the body by gluing the top and bottom halves together.



…and then gluing on the weapons, aerial, and hatch.



The body will the rest on top of the pelvis, no glue is needed, this means we can turn the top part of the walker like a turret. We think it looks great, and as you’ve just seen it was very simple to build.




We were actually quite shocked when we stood the Storm Strider next to an Imperial Guard Sentinel from Games Workshop’s Warhammer 40k for scale. It’s massive! We think this could make a great starting point for a heavy Sentinel conversion, or possibly a Knight Titan?




And here is the Storm Strider looking like its about to stomp on a GW Space Marine model, again shown for size comparison.



Overall, we think the Storm Strider range has a huge amount of potential for use in conversions, or even just as standard, they’re very fun kits. The weapons could easily be swapped to tie in with your wargame of choice, and the hull has plenty of flat areas to build on or add detail to as needed. The Storm Striders seem very reasonably priced at just £11.99 each for such a large model, we can’t wait to find out what else Scotia Grendel have got tucked away in their store!


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