Paint and Hobby Station Review

Finding space to assemble and paint your models can be tough! Today’s review looks a compact paint/hobby station from Cog ‘O’ Two which keeps all you need for the hobby in one place, and can be moved or stored away when not in use. Cog ‘O’ Two specialise in laser-cut products which include wargaming templates and tokens, plus accessories for steampunk enthusiasts.

We ordered one of their MDF Paint Stations from the gaming section of their site. The Paint Station provides a space for modelling and painting, racks for your paints, holders for your brushes and water pots, and comes with a built-in cutting mat. This comes as a flat pack kit, and is priced at £25 (around $37). Here’s our Paint Station kit after unpacking the parts.

1 wargaming paint station cog o two


To assemble this, all you need is some PVA/Wood Glue, and something to hold sections in place while they dry like these cheap plastic clamps, or even just some masking tape.

9 wargaming paint station cog o two


This was a straightforward build using the supplied instructions, and although we had fears about how durable this might be after being assembled with just glue, it’s actually very strong and should hold up well to regular use. The base of this station is roughly 450mm x 360mm, and it’s approximately 182mm tall. Here are some photos showing our assembled Paint Station from all sides.

10 wargaming paint station cog o two

11 wargaming paint station cog o two

12 wargaming paint station cog o two

13 wargaming paint station cog o two


Time to test this thing out. Here you can see we’ve stocked it with a few of our Citadel paints, some hobby tools, brushes, water pots, and a small bits box. We now have an workspace we can place on any surface, and carry away when needed using the large handles at the sides. It includes an A4 cutting mat in the base, perfect for assembling or converting miniatures on.

14 wargaming paint station cog o two

15 wargaming paint station cog o two


The paint rack fits common hobby size paint containers, 17 in total. We’ve used it to hold a few of our Citadel Paints, but if you look down at this rack from the top, you can see that there are small holes underneath to support upturned vallejo and similar paint dropper bottles.

16 wargaming paint station cog o two

17 wargaming paint station cog o two


To one side of the paint rack is a storage space for your brushes. Most standard hobby brushes we tried fitted nicely here, but if you have an thicker or differently shaped brush handle, it can fit into the large central hole. You can also use the center hole for pens/pencils or hobby tools.

18 wargaming paint station cog o two


Either side of the cutting mat is a holder for a water pot, to keep it safe from being knocked over when you move this station. We also found that this was a good place to keep bits of minis or conversions we are working on in a little pot. The pot in the second photo is an empty dip/sauce container that came from McDonalds.

19 wargaming paint station cog o two

20 wargaming paint station cog o two


Both beneath the paint rack and on the opposite side to brush holder is storage space for whatever you are woking on. The space at the side is smaller and divided in two, while the center is larger and is the perfect place to store a bits box or tray of tools.

21 wargaming paint station cog o two


Just beneath the cutting mat is a slot which can either be used to hold a tool or brush, or is just handy to catch and parts or debris that might go rolling off the desk otherwise.

22 wargaming paint station cog o two


We’ve been using this for a few days now and we love it. Having a project you are working on contained in one space that you can bring out and put away as needed it very handy. It incorporates a good amount of storage for your paints and tools and is nice and robust once assembled. If you can handle assembling this, which isn’t a difficult job, then we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it. If you’d like to see what else Cog ‘O’ Two have on offer, head over to:

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