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Pig Iron Kolony RebelsSince our last Pig Iron Productions review in which we looked at their heavily armed and armoured Wardroids, Pig Iron have released new additions to range of Kolony Rebel miniatures and designed them to have lots of interchangeable parts so that you can create totally varied squads. Kolony Rebels are 28mm scale and fit well in modern/sci-fi/post apocalyptic settings, plus the parts can be mixed with other ranges for even more options.

Below you can see how our Pig Iron Productions products arrived in their grip-seal bags with identification stickers, we have 6 lots of parts to show you today all of which are cast in metal.

Pig Iron Kolony Rebels 1


Here you can see the HD.20 Kolony Rebel head sprues (20 heads in total) available at £4.50 direct from Pig Iron Productions. These are a new set of heads designed for use with the other new Kolony Rebel parts, and include a selection of heads with visors, goggles, and masks to help you create a unique looking squad.

Pig Iron Kolony Rebels 7


Next up we have HD.1 Kolony Rebel head sprues,  this is an older set of heads from set from the original Kolony Rebel range, again containing 20 mixed heads for £4.50.  These heads come either fully or partially enclosed in gas masks, and one of the variants also has a bionic eye which could make a cool squad leader.

Pig Iron Kolony Rebels 6


First of the new torso sets is the KRT.1 Kolony Rebel Torso sprue. This contains 5 torsos carrying mixed automatic weapons, plus 1 RPG backpack. These torsos all have plenty of details and the set of 5  are available for £4.50. One we want to point out here is that Pig Iron Productions have sculpted the sprue to be rubble shaped, so that it can be cut up and used to decorate bases. We think this is a great idea as you get more model for your money and there is less waste.

Pig Iron Kolony Rebels 2


Here you can see the KRT.2 Kolony Rebel Torso sprue containing another 5 torsos carrying mixed automatic weapons and more rubble shaped sprue. Again these are nicely detailed with lots of pouches, straps & armour and are priced at £4.50.

Pig Iron Kolony Rebels 3


Your choice of legs starts with the new KRL.1 Kolony Rebel Leg sprue, containing 5  sets of legs in mixed poses and clothing, and more sprue rubble. As with the other Kolony Rebel parts these are priced at £4.50.

Pig Iron Kolony Rebels 4


The KRL.2 Kolony Rebel Leg sprue is the second of the new leg sprues available, containing another set of 5 pairs of legs, again with varying clothes and poses,  plus more sprue rubble. They are also priced at £4.50.

Pig Iron Kolony Rebels 5


…So lets assemble some Kolony Rebels! Below you can we’ve used a selection of the Kolony Rebel metal parts and assembled them into a small fighting force. There wasn’t much in the way of cleaning up needed on the parts, and they are all nicely detailed, even the tread on the soles of the boots is sculpted on.

Pig Iron Kolony Rebels 8


We really like the idea that the sprue is specially designed to be used to decorate the bases, here you can see that we chopped it up into sections and placed it look like our Kolony Rebels are making their way through a rubble filled battlefield, an instant improvement over the picture above.

Pig Iron Kolony Rebels 9


In the picture below we have included an Imperial Guardsman for Warhammer 40k as a 28mm size comparison.

Pig Iron Kolony Rebels 10


We decided to test how well the Kolony Rebel parts fit with models and conversion parts from other ranges. From left to right here you can see:

  • Metal Kolony Rebel legs and head with GW plastic Imperial Guard torso and arms,
  • GW Imperial Guard legs with with Kolony Rebel torso/head/backpack,
  • Complete Kolony Rebel,
  • Kolony Rebel torso fitted with Victoria Miniatures metal Victorian Legs and Dress Cap Head.

As you can see there are a whole world of possibilities when mixing and matching these various kits.

Pig Iron Kolony Rebels 11


Here is a 5 man Kolony Rebel squad using a combination of the heads from sets HD.20 & HD.1.

Pig Iron Kolony Rebels 12


These Kolony Rebels are not only perfect for the wargame Tomorrows War which is available through Pig Iron’s site, we think they could also make great alternative models for other futuristic games like Warhammer 40k and Warpath, either as full models or as conversion parts. …We keep looking at the guys and thinking what a cool traitor Imperial Guard army we could make with them.

If you’d like to pick up some Kolony Rebels or see what else Pig Iron Productions have available, head over to www.pig-iron-productions.com.


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