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Pig Iron Productions WardroidsWe’re huge fans of using all sorts of mechanical monstrosities in our wargames here at Graven Games. Whether its the steam-powered Warjacks from Warmachine or the unstoppable Dreadnoughts from Warhammer 40k, there’s no denying that its great fun to include these hulking machines of war in your army. Today Graven Games are reviewing some new additions to our collection of walking tanks thanks to Pig Iron Productions and their heavily armoured Wardroid miniatures…

Pig Iron Productions produce a wide range of 28-30mm scale miniatures and accessories for Sci-Fi wargames. The miniatures can be used to play the gritty Sci-Fi skirmish game ‘Tomorrows war’ which is available though Pig Iron’s site, but we can also see lots of opportunities for use in other wargames either as whole models or as parts for conversions.

Here we have a complete set of Pig Irons range of Wardroid models, consisting of the standing pose, the 2x walking poses (the walking pose is randomly selected when you order) and the upgrade pack with its extra equipment and options. Each model comes with 2 weapon options as standard.



As you can see these are all metal models, and this close up of one of the poses shows how really nicely detailed they are and the great quality of the casting, there are is very little cleaning up to do with these models as there are almost no mold lines or flash to file/cut away.



The Wardroids are broken down into several separate components, the largest being the once-piece torso and legs, to which the head, arms and weapons can be added. This modular construction means that the models can be somewhat posed, and also that these separate pieces can be mixed with other models as conversion parts in your own creations. We’ve actually found that the Wardroid arms and weapons make great alternative arms (bionic upgrades?) for Games Workshop’s Space Marine Terminators.



The Wardroids are not supplied with bases, but we’ve found that 40mm bases are a nice fit. Below you can see a picture of an assembled Wardroid, plus a picture next to a Space Marine Terminator for size comparison. This Wardroid is outfitted with the standard weapons that come with the kit. Both models are roughly 40mm tall.




…And here is a Wardroid equipped with some of the heavier options from the upgrade pack, plus one of the alternate head options, again available in the upgrade pack. There seem to be enough weapons here to represent most standard types of melee and ranged heavy weapon that you find in Sci-Fi wargames. We like the alternate heads, quite possibly more than the ones supplied as standard.



Here is a close-up of the Wardroid upgrade pack available from Pig Iron Productions:



In summary, we think these are great models that could easily be used to add some character to your existing armies, either as complete models or as conversion parts. If you play 40k and have an Adeptus Mechanicus theme going on, then these could make excellent robot maniples, heavy servitors or alternative Terminator models. These Wardroids turned out to be even better than we had been expecting,  and we are very happy with our first order from Pig Iron Productions. Wardroids are priced at £7.75 each as is the upgrade pack.

Click here to check out Pig Iron Productions Wardroids and other 28-30mm Sci-Fi miniatures.


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