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portable warfare apc caseToday at Graven Games we’re looking at a product designed to keep your miniatures safe on the move, aptly named The APC from Portable Warfare. The APC is Portable Warfare’s low cost solution to storing or sending miniatures. Available individually for $14.95 or in a 5 pack for $72.50, this low price allows The APC to become an option for commission painters/modelers to use as a quality shipping container to keep finished models safe in the mail.

Our APC case was delivered wrapped in brown parcel paper, and here’s what it looked like once unwrapped. The fact that it made it all the way to the UK from the USA without a single dent shows that this case is pretty tough! (remember there will be international shipping charges to include in your calculations if your live outside the US). As you can see, The APC is constructed from a thick card, and comes with the Portable Warfare logo printed on the opening edge. The overall dimensions of the case are 19″L x 9″W x 1.75″D.

portable warfare apc case 1


Here we can see the internals of The APC. The inside of the card shell is matt brown rather than white like the exterior, and within this are a 1/4″ white foam topper and a 1.75″ thick tray of dark grey ‘pick-n-pluck’ foam with a 1/4″ sheet of foam attached attached to the bottom. The card shell opens like a pizza box and has tabs to keep the case closed securely when not in use.

portable warfare apc case 2


portable warfare apc case 3


The pick-n-pluck foam tray is perforated with 1/2″ squares which can be plucked out to create spaces to store your miniatures. The beauty of this type of tray is that you can create just the right size space to keep your miniatures safe, even if they are an unusual shape. Once you have plucked out the required foam the models can be put inside and then the white foam topper can be placed on top so that your models have all round protection.

portable warfare apc case 4


here you can see where we have plucked out several pieces of foam to make room for a miniature. No cutting is required, and the pieces of foam can be pulled out easily with your fingers.

portable warfare apc case 5


As a test fit, we dropped in a 28mm wargaming miniature (In this case a Warhammer 40k Space Marine from Games Workshop), the foam is easily deep enough to accommodate the model in an upright position including its base.

portable warfare apc case 6


And this shot shows that The APC is capable of holding quite a few minis! We imagine that you could fit on average 40-50 28mm infantry depending on size and shape, and can also be used to store larger models and some vehicles too. Of course you are not limited to storing 28mm scale models, if you play differently scaled wargames, need somewhere to store your model railway trains, or anything similar, you can just pluck this foam to fit.

portable warfare apc case 7


We think The APC is a great choice for people looking for a simple, low cost solution for storing and or transporting their miniatures. For people looking for more options, Portable Warfare also sell The Sergeant, a larger, more flexible case. The APC will stack nicely for storage, and due to its card and foam construction it’s lightweight enough to carry around with ease. The other main use we can see for this product is for commission painters and modellers who need something to protect their finished works on the way to their customers. At only $14.95, The APC could be a good way to ensure that high value commissions arrive in perfect condition.

Portable Warfare have come up with a great product in The APC, and we’d love to see them make an additional deeper version available in future too, for storing large vehicles and terrain. If you’d like to check out The APC, head over to www.portablewarfare.com.


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