Pre-Heresy Thousand Sons – Army Showcase

pre-heresy thousand sons army showcaseIn today’s Army Showcase we’re exploring the stunningly put together and painted Pre-Heresy Thousand Sons belonging to Anthony Pace. We love the battle-worn paint job on this force, the attention to details, and its inspiring to see such a range of Forge World kits in one army. We think Anthony has really captured the intimidating presence of the Thousand Sons, let us know what you think in the comments below. – Graven Games

I’ve been recently getting a whole lot of attention for my pre-heresy army. These are my Thousand Sons, hailing from the Legion’s 8th Fellowship, this is the 5th Company of Battalion II “The Storm Jackals”. I’ve spent the better part of a few years solely working on this army (taking breaks only for my Death Guard).

One of the biggest comments I get (other than how much it must have cost), is about the Egyptian heraldry, to be honest I like the minimalism of the Astartes legions and so I have worked in some subtle khopesh blades for the heroes and other important sergeants. There are currently no transfers available so I am kind of stuck until Forge World releases a sheet that I can use. This is still a work in progress like I said.

pre-heresy thousand sons army showcase 1

I picked the Thousand Sons legion because I can really sympathize with their story. I was inspired to create this army when I read A Thousand Sons when it first came out, but at the time I didn’t even paint miniatures so I had a lot of work to do haha.

pre-heresy thousand sons army showcase 2

pre-heresy thousand sons army showcase 2.1

This army is my pride and joy, I put everything I can into it, and I try to get a little bit done every day. Even if it’s just a basecoat, progress is progress.

pre-heresy thousand sons army showcase 3

You’ll see the pictures are taken from various stages of completion, I just started weathering everything so they may be a little incoherent.

pre-heresy thousand sons army showcase 4

I always found the Horus Heresy as the time period when all the ideals of the Space Marines were put on the line, and that in the end there was never a true winner but only the tragedy of surviving, and I wanted to reflect that in my force. Especially since the Thousand Sons were a loyal legion who were betrayed solely by circumstance.

pre-heresy thousand sons army showcase 5
pre-heresy thousand sons army showcase 5.1

I built this army because I simply love the game, the story, and everything about 40k. I wanted to make something I and others would enjoy playing against, to really capture the meaning of what 40k is all about, I surely hope I did. If I had any advice to give to any other painters out there, just keep practicing and you’ll do great. Really, I’m an impatient person myself and I hope you never give up when discouraged.

pre-heresy thousand sons army showcase 6


Anthony Pace is 23 years old, and currently working out of college as a corporate trainer and document control supervisor. In future Andy looks forward to doing some travelling, and would love to work for Forge World someday.

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