Project Doom Raider

necron cylon doom raider“Join us for another one of Mad Scuzzy’s awesome Warhammer 40k related projects, again merging the worlds of Warhammer 40k and Battlestar Galactica to produce to an amazing looking Necrom/Cylon crossover build, the Doom Raider. This project is still a work in progress as its not yet painted but it’s already looking great. Mad Scuzzy previously worked on the excellent Storm Viper, so be sure to check that out too if you’re not seen it. – Graven Games”

I hinted at this a while ago… where there is a Viper, there has to be a Cylon. So here it is! It is a rather quick mod to the Necron Doom/Nightscythe model. It is just a simple canopy attachment over the cockpit and it is all set! It is almost… too simple for me to consider it done… but it is. GW did a really interesting job of designing the vehicle. Even the guns are in the right place.

necron cylon doom raider 1necron cylon doom raider 2necron cylon doom raider 3necron cylon doom raider 4necron cylon doom raider 5necron cylon doom raider 6

The canopy or head was simply made up of 2 pipes, and rounded together using putty, with details using plastic card. I am working to duplicate more of this so I can have a squadron of them.


Dom Chan or better known as madscuzzy has been in the 40k hobby for a long time and has a strong love of modeling and converting. Primarily based at B&C, he is responsible for some of the art there and has been the primary artist for the Space Marine Painter. Other notable projects include Orktimus Prime that has been floating around the net a while ago. Check out my personal site here

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