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 Pre-heresy Land Speeder ConversionHappy New Year, Everyone! We’re back with another awesome conversion from Mad Scuzzy, this time he tackles the Pre-heresy Land Speeder designs using the current Warhammer 40k plastic Land Speeder kits. This expert convertor has even colour coded the main parts of the build in case you are inspired to have a go yourself, let us know if you do in the comments. – Graven Games

This article documents a conversion I did back in 2010, you might have seen if you had typed Pre-heresy Land Speeder in to Google.  One of the main themes of my Space Marine army is that is it not uncommon for them to have older versions of current tech, or modernized older tech. I would like to think they go around salvaging whatever they can, and putting stuff together.

LS1 Pre-heresy Land Speeder Conversion


When I first started my Space Marines, the older Mk2 metal Land Speeder was the only one available. Shortly into it, the plastic Land Speeder took over and became the de facto kit (pretty much tells you when I started!). It was years later that the nostalgia kicked in and I decided to revisit the older model’s design, but with a more current look. The old Mk2s didn’t fit into the current marine sizes or details as much anymore so I decided to build them using the current plastic kit(s).

I had planned to make 2 Land Speeders, utilizing 3 different plastic kits for parts:

  •  Space Marine Land Speeder (blue)
  •  Space Marine Scout Speeder (red)
  •  Space Marine Whirlwind Turret (green)

LS2 Pre-heresy Land Speeder Conversion


Most of the parts were taken from the Scout Speeder. By this time the molds of the Land Speeder were starting to show its age and the model was just not as defined as the Scout Speeder. Despite this, there were some parts that were crucial to the look that I needed.
The front cowling was cut out from the Scout Speeder with the top corners sides extended with putty.
The footpads and seats were taken from the Scout Speeders while the back rests were from the Lanspeeder. The marine legs were removed from the seats of the Land Speeder.

LS3 Pre-heresy Land Speeder Conversion

LS4 Pre-heresy Land Speeder Conversion

LS6 Pre-heresy Land Speeder Conversion

LS7  Pre-heresy Land Speeder Conversion


The engines were made up of the rear section of the Land Speeder cut behind the doors and cut in half breath wise , with the major intake using the back of the Whirlwind. The top intakes were taken from the Scout Speeder and are put there to tie in the look to the current design. The original Mk2 didn’t have this detail. The reason why I used the Land Speeder instead of the Scout Speeder was the proportions. The Scout Speeder has a larger back and does not fit with the overall silhouette that I wanted to achieve. It also has a 3rd booster that I didn’t want.

LS8  Pre-heresy Land Speeder Conversion


The central spine was made up of the control panel, the sensors and the cowling from the winch from the Scout Speeder.

LS9  Pre-heresy Land Speeder Conversion

SL10 Pre-heresy Land Speeder Conversion


When the 2 speeders were done, I had quite a bit of left over bits from the 2 builds, so I decided to go even further back and build a Mk1. As the Mk1 was a bit before my time, I had a friend who had the model and he let me take some references from it. It is SMALL. 2 of them combined is the size of our current speeder! Mine would be much bigger but I wanted to maintain the ‘flying sofa’ look.

LS11  Pre-heresy Land Speeder Conversion


Since this was going to be unique, I was quite free to use whatever leftover parts from the Land Speeder, namely the seats. The engines were the ones from the Scout Speeder and is larger and bulkier than the twin engines of the Land Speeder. The central spine was built almost from scratch, combining the control panel with sensors and pitot tube.

LS12 Pre-heresy Land Speeder Conversion

LS13 Pre-heresy Land Speeder Conversion

LS14 Pre-heresy Land Speeder Conversion

LS15 Pre-heresy Land Speeder Conversion

LS16 Pre-heresy Land Speeder Conversion


The biggest challenge was to find a way to mount the control stick and the gun. I settled on mounting a cupola ring with the control stick extending from the spine. There are magnets on both the top and bottom of speeder to mount weapons like the ones from the original design.
I kept the wings(unlike the original) to help tie it into the more current designs.
The 2 coversions side by side show a marginal size difference

LS17 Pre-heresy Land Speeder Conversion


And as a squadron.

LS18 Pre-heresy Land Speeder Conversion



Dom Chan or better known as madscuzzy has been in the 40k hobby for a long time and has a strong love of modeling and converting. Primarily based at B&C, he is responsible for some of the art there and has been the primary artist for the Space Marine Painter. Other notable projects include Orktimus Prime that has been floating around the net a while ago. Check out my personal site here

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