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project storm viper feature“Join us for another one of Mad Scuzzy’s awesome Warhammer 40k related projects, this time merging the worlds of Warhammer 40k and Battlestar Galactica to produce to an amazing looking Storm Talon/BSG Viper crossover build, the Storm Viper. Check out the article, and be sure to let Mad Scuzzy know what you think he should build next using the comments below.” – Graven Games

I met a guy called Mike (aka Barpharanges) when I first started out this hobby, and he was truly an inspiration to a newbie like myself back then, so when he did a Viper many years ago as a Land Speeder, I was very much inspired to do one of my own. Here you can see Mike’s Viper model:

project storm viper 1

project storm viper 2


When this project was first started it never went beyond the nose section.  Frankly I wasn’t into Battlestar Galactica back then and didn’t really have a place for a plane (nor the skills) to really push forward and get it done.  It wasn’t until I got into the BSG reboot many years later and the release of the Storm Talon did a place for the unfinished prototype emerge. I would imagine calling this the StormViper Mk2 would be apt as it is indeed a redesign of the original (and a nice nod to BSG).

project storm viper 3

project storm viper 4

project storm viper 5

project storm viper 6

project storm viper 7


I wanted to keep the swivel engine design of the Storm Talon, so I opted not to merge the engines into the fuselage, unlike the BSG Viper. A big issue for me was the placement of the weapons.  I could have put the guns at the wingtips or underneath the wings (which I did end up putting hardpoints on as options anyway).

Finally I based the design of the front mounted guns on the Transformers Brainstorm, which follows a similar silhouette.  This fit into the design, as the Storm Talon engines made the design very back heavy and the front-mounted weapons and wings helped balance the design out.  Still, it works out as most of the people who have seen it still see the Viper inspiration.

project storm viper 8

project storm viper 9

project storm viper 10

project storm viper 11


Here is a digital reconstruction on how the Storm Viper would have looked like without the front guns and wings. Perhaps someday I will make a newer Mk, more true to the actual BSG Viper, without the swivel engines.

project storm viper 12

And here you can see the Storm Viper with it’s paint job:

project storm viper 13

project storm viper 14

project storm viper 15

project storm viper 16

project storm viper 17

project storm viper 18

project storm viper 19

project storm viper 20

Where there is a Viper, there has to be a Cylon Raider. Luckily, they already exist in the forms of the Necron Flyers and Forgeworld’s Hell Blade and Hell Talons (I do remember a certain Gamesday where FW did informally admit to drawing inspiration from the Cylons!). Someday, I will add the mono eye look to my Necron flyers. This has been one of my favourite projects and has been a long time coming. Scratchbuilding the body of the Viper has really made me realize how far I can push myself, and am looking forward to my next projects.


Dom Chan or better known as madscuzzy has been in the 40k hobby for a long time and has a strong love of modeling and converting. Primarily based at B&C, he is responsible for some of the art there and has been the primary artist for the Space Marine Painter. Other notable projects include Orktimus Prime that has been floating around the net a while ago. Check out my personal site here


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