Safe & Sound Maxi Bag Review

safe & sound maxi bag army caseJoin us today as we test out the MAXI Bag from Safe & Sound, a Polish company who specialise in army transport bags, boxes, and foam trays for miniatures. Safe & Sound’s range of products are great for storing and transporting miniatures such as those used in Warhammer 40k, Warmachine and, Infinity. Safe & Sound kindly sent us the MAXI Bag in this review so that we could test out their products and see how they stack up against the other options.

Here is our MAXI Bag, the picture doesn’t do this thing justice, its huge at approximately 45x30x35 mm. This army transport case is priced at €68,05 (around £57.50, or $93)  and our initial impression of the MAXI Bag is all very positive, it looks good quality and is definitely large enough to hold a lot of miniatures. As a rough guide, the MAXI Bag can carry 240 28mm infantry miniatures, although this varies depending on your choice of foam and boxes.

safe & sound maxi bag army case 1

safe & sound maxi bag army case 2


The top of the MAXI Bag comes equipped with this plastic handle which has a nice feel to it and should make carrying this bag an easy  job, even for extended periods.

safe & sound maxi bag army case 3


In addition to the handle on top, the MAXI Bag also comes with an adjustable shoulder strap and nickel-coated clasps.

safe & sound maxi bag army case 4


On the front of the MAXI Bag we can see the Safe & Sound branding, along with a pair of nickel-coated zips – its all looking pretty smart so far.

safe & sound maxi bag army case 5

safe & sound maxi bag army case 6


Beneath the MAXI Bag we found 5 plastic feet to help protect the bag from getting dirty when placed on the ground.

safe & sound maxi bag army case 7


At the Back of the MAXI Bag there is a large pocket, perfect for storing any rule books and gaming accessories that go along with your army. In the second picture you can see we dropped our Warhammer 40k Space Marine Codex which isn’t a small book into the pocket, and there is still a lot more room to spare. This pocket has Velcro tabs along the top to keep it closed when needed.

safe & sound maxi bag army case 8

safe & sound maxi bag army case 9


To give you a better sense of scale, here is the MAXI Bag next to a Citadel Figure Case from Games Workshop, as you can see it’s well over twice the size.

safe & sound maxi bag army case 10


When unzipped, you can see the contents of our MAXI bag. We went with a mix of 4 standard sized boxes along with 1 double depth box at the bottom for our larger models.

safe & sound maxi bag army case 11


With the foam and boxes removed we can see the cavernous space inside. Just for fun we tried our Citadel Case inside and it fit easily, with plenty of room for a second citadel case.

safe & sound maxi bag army case 12

safe & sound maxi bag army case 13


Here you can see our selection of boxes and foam for our MAXI Bag, these are available separately, so you can swap various armies in and out of your MAXI Bag with ease.

safe & sound maxi bag army case 14


These boxes open just like a pizza box and are constructed from  thick card with Velcro discs along the front panel to make sure things are secure.

safe & sound maxi bag army case 15


The first box we have is a ‘Box with raster foam 25mm’ which measures 425x280x54mm. Inside is 3 layers of foam, the main raster foam tray (394x267x25 mm) plus to 12mm foam separators to protect the top and bottom of the models.

safe & sound maxi bag army case 16


The raster foam comes with a self adhesive backing so that once you’ve created the spaces for all your miniatures, you can simply peel off the backing and attach it to the foam to the separator in the bottom of the box.

safe & sound maxi bag army case 17


For those of you unfamiliar with the term raster foam, here is what we mean – Its a perforated sheet of foam that you can remove sections of to make the perfect shape and size spaces to protect you miniatures, we also hear this get called ‘pick and pluck’ foam a lot too.

safe & sound maxi bag army case 18

safe & sound maxi bag army case 19


The second, third, and fourth boxes from our MAXI Bag are all identical, they are the ‘Box for 40 models’. This time, the holes are already cut out for us and are a standard size (50x25x25 mm) which works well for 28mm Infantry as you can see in the second picture where we have dropped in 2 28mm Warhammer 40k Space Marines from Games Workshop.

safe & sound maxi bag army case 20

safe & sound maxi bag army case 21


When comparing the foam trays used by Safe & Sound with those in our Citadel Figure Case, we first noticed the size difference. The Safe & Sound tray is a little wider which allows it to hold 40 models in 4 rows of 10, rather than the 36 models held by the Citadel foam. We also found the foam used by Safe & Sound to be quite a bit softer than the Citadel equivalent.

safe & sound maxi bag army case 22

safe & sound maxi bag army case 23


Our last box of foam is a big one, its the ‘Box with raster foam 68 mm’ and is essentially a deeper version of the first box we showed you which is much more useful for storing your larger models like vehicles and monstrous creatures. The box itself is 425x280x105mm and the layer of raster foam is 394x267x68mm which should be plenty deep enough for most 28mm scale tanks and similar.

safe & sound maxi bag army case 24

safe & sound maxi bag army case 25

safe & sound maxi bag army case 26


Overall we think the MAXI Bag from Safe & Sound is a great product for storing and transporting miniatures safely, the bag itself looks good, and the use of boxes inside makes it very easy to swap the required army into the bag, ready for battle. Any boxes not currently in use will stack nicely on a shelf or in a cupboard until those models are needed. If you’d like to see what else Safe & Sound have on offer, head over to their new and improved website at (there is an option for English language on the right of the site).

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