Scotia Grendel Sci-Fi APC Review

scotia grendel sci fi apcWelcome to today’s review in which we’re taking a look at a 25-28mm Sci-fi APC from Scotia Grendel, who describe this kit as a “small tracked vehicle with a turret-mounted weapon, for suppressing unrest with extreme prejudice.”  …that sounds good to us! As we’ve mentioned before Scotia Grendel’s website is a treasure-trove of interesting models, some of which are from ranges that you might have thought were no longer available, so is well worth a look.

Here you can see the parts that arrived to make up our Sci-fi APC, 5 resin parts, plus 3 smaller metal pieces. This kit is priced at £9 ($14.30) which we think is good value for a 28mm APC.

scotia grendel sci fi apc 1


Taking a closer look at the tracked sections, we can see that they are both solid pieces of resin with a good amount of detail.

scotia grendel sci fi apc 2


The main hull is also one large piece of resin, it has the drivers area to one side, with a small viewing port and gatling weapon on the other, plus plenty of other details like lights and also guides on the sides to make attaching the tracked sections easy.

scotia grendel sci fi apc 3


The rear of the main hull piece is detailed with a large door, plus a symbol looking somewhat like a wolf or lion head. The good news is that this symbol is on a large flat area, so if it doesn’t fit with your army it can easily be removed with a knife or file.

scotia grendel sci fi apc 4


Here you can see the parts that go together to make the turret, plus an extra hatch which can replace the turret if not needed. Since the gun is not attached to the turret this would be very easy to convert with your own weapons to fit into your wargame of choice.

scotia grendel sci fi apc 5


We received no instructions with this kit, but it was very simple to build anyway. We started by gluing the 2 tracked side sections to the main hull, this was an easy job since there are guides on the main hull to make sure everything lines up correctly.

scotia grendel sci fi apc 6


Next it was simply a case of assembling the turret which we did by gluing the resin disk beneath the main turret piece and then attaching the gun and aerial.

scotia grendel sci fi apc 7


Alternatively we found we could use the resin disk with the metal hatch if the turret is not needed.

scotia grendel sci fi apc 8


We think its a great looking little APC, here is the finished model:

scotia grendel sci fi apc 9

scotia grendel sci fi apc 10

scotia grendel sci fi apc 11


To give you an idea of scale in this model we have placed it next to a Warhammer 40k Space Marine Rhino. As you can see it’s quite a bit smaller, but could be used to represent smaller APCs in games like 40k, or average APCs in 25mm  wargames.

scotia grendel sci fi apc 12

scotia grendel sci fi apc 13


Again for scale we’ve taken a photo of the sci-fi APC with a single 28mm model (A Warhammer 40k Space Marine).

scotia grendel sci fi apc 14


This kit is a good looking and easy to build APC, which we think is good value for money. It can easily be used as a small APC in 28mm games like Warhammer 40k, or a standard size APC in 25mm wargames. We think it has quite a bit of conversion potential as there are plenty of flat areas and simple shapes to work with, plus as the turret and weapons are separate, you can easily equip it with your weapon of choice. If you’d like to see what else Scotia Grendel have to offer head over to,  the Sci-fi APC can be found under Sci-Fi –> 28mm Sci-Fi –> Grendel Sci-Fi Vehicles. Can you find a use for this APC in your army?

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