Sedition Wars Utility Carapace Review

sedition wars t.h.i utility carapaceToday we are taking a close look at the heavily armed and armoured T.H.I Utility Carapace from Studio McVey. The Utility Carapace is part of the Firebrand Rebellion Range for Sedition Wars, plus we feel it’ll work well in other 28-30mm sci-fi wargames like Warhammer 40k, or could make a great painting piece for a collector. Sedition Wars is a sci-fi/horror miniatures game where players fight it out using 1 of 3 vastly different factions, the well trained Vanguard, the rebellious Firebrand, or the monstrous Strain.

This kit represents an armoured suit originally designed for working in hostile industrial environments, re-purposed for battle by the Firebrand Rebellion Faction in Sedition Wars. We ordered 1 resin Utility Carapace kit,  which consists of the Utility Carapace parts, 2 arms and a 40mm base. We also ordered 2 additional arms.

sedition wars t.h.i utility carapace 1


Each Utility Carapace costs £21.99 (around $35) with additional pairs of arms priced at £1.99 ($3). This is not a cheap kit, but what we will say is that it is exceptionally detailed, in fact its one of the most finely detailed models we’ve reviewed here at Graven Games. In the picture below you can see the parts which make up the Utility Carapace minus the arms and base.

sedition wars t.h.i utility carapace 3


Here you can see close ups of the the 2 sets of arms we have. The Utility Carapace comes in two flavours, one with a left claw and right heavy weapon (Mattock Variant) and one with right claw and left heavy weapon (Maul Variant). Again, you can see these parts are very finely detailed.

sedition wars t.h.i utility carapace 2


Here are a couple more closeup shots of the resin components to show the level of detail.

sedition wars t.h.i utility carapace 4

sedition wars t.h.i utility carapace 5


It’s time to put this mean machine together! We started by gluing the shoulder armour to the main torso and then gluing that to the base.

sedition wars t.h.i utility carapace 6


The next step was to attach the layered armour plates to the front and back of the lower torso. This actually covers a little of the detail on the belly, so you could always leave these off for a different look.

sedition wars t.h.i utility carapace 7

sedition wars t.h.i utility carapace 8


There are two choices for the head area, either an exposed head with the carapace drawn back, or a fully enclosed and armoured head area.

sedition wars t.h.i utility carapace 10

sedition wars t.h.i utility carapace 10


The last thing to add are the arms, each suit carries a devastating crushing claw and either a flamer or pulse cannon.

sedition wars t.h.i utility carapace 11


We ordered the extra arms so that we could see how the Utility Carapace looks with either two claws or two two heavy ranged weapons – what an intimidating looking model!

sedition wars t.h.i utility carapace 12

sedition wars t.h.i utility carapace 13


To give you an idea of scale we have included a picture of the Utility Carapace with a Space Marine Terminator from Warhammer 40k. As you can see, they are very similar in size.

sedition wars t.h.i utility carapace 14


We’ve also included another picture for scale, this time with one of Pig Iron Production’s Wardroids, another hulking warmachine on a 40mm base.

sedition wars t.h.i utility carapace 15


We really like the heavily armed and armoured look of this miniature, and the detail is fantastic. It would make a great piece for a collector or painter, and would be a terrifying sight on battlefield, although the price tag will probably mean they will be fielded in small numbers. This kit also offers a large amount of conversion potential, with separate arms and head which could easily be swapped with parts from other kits to make something unique. If you’d like to see more of what Studio McVey have to offer, head over to


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