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bitsbox eu servo armToday we’re testing out some of’s 28mm infantry weapons and a conversion kit from their Cyborgs and Robots range. We already know from our review of’s Gun Platforms that they make some very scary looking vehicle weapons, so lets see what they can offer your infantry.

First up we’re going to take a look at a selection of weapons from’s Infantry Weapons and Accessories range. What you can see here are 2 “Combo-Guns” on the left, and three Thermic Guns on the right.

bitsbox eu servo arm 1


Here is a closer shot of the Thermic Guns, they are available at €1.14 individually or at €3.05 for a pack of three. Each of these Thermic Guns is a slightly different sculpt with different details so that you can add variation to your squads of infantry, but of course if you are going for a uniform look you can simply order multiples of the same weapon.

bitsbox eu servo arm 2


Here are close ups of the Combo-Guns, a weapon designed to have two firing modes, primarily as a rifle, but with a secondary Thermic (left) or Flame (right) weapon built in. Combo-Guns are available at €1.14

bitsbox eu servo arm 3

In the next few photos you can see us testing out the Themic Guns and Combo-Guns with a 28mm Space Marine for Warhammer 40k from Games Workshop.

bitsbox eu servo arm 4

bitsbox eu servo arm 5

bitsbox eu servo arm 6

bitsbox eu servo arm 7

We think that these infantry weapons from are a great way to personalise or upgrade your 28mm armies, especially if you need access to multiple special weapons that might be hard to find otherwise. We play a lot of Warhammer 40k at Graven Games, and we can think of lots of times when we would have liked to field a whole squad of Sternguard veterans with Combi Meltas, and’s Combo Guns could be a great way to represent that.

The second part of this review sees us testing out something we think is very cool, the Servo Arm. The Servo Arm is available from at €2.03 and can be used to represent soldiers bionically/mechanically enhanced with extra limbs, arms for robotic war machines or can be used to detail vehicles or terrain features. Here you can see the 5 parts of the Servo Arm kit.

bitsbox eu servo arm 8


Here we have glued 4 of the resin pieces together to resemble a robotic lifting arm. The way the parts of this kit are assembled means that you can pose these pieces in lots of different ways as needed. If assembled as shown, you could now attach this to a vehicle or terrain piece.

bitsbox eu servo arm 9

bitsbox eu servo arm 10 also include a 5th optional part which allows the Servo Arm to be mounted on curved surfaces. This part is especially useful if you want to upgrade one or more of your soldiers with huge robotic arms. As you can see below this 5th part allowed us to mount the Servo Arm onto a backpack of a Space Marine figure by Games Workshop, to create a very intimidating marine that could be used to represent a mechanic or Techmarine in game.

bitsbox eu servo arm 11

bitsbox eu servo arm 12

We love that you can pose this kit, and have visions of creating whole armies of mechanically enhanced soldiers for our wargames. If you’ve always dreamt of creating an Adeptus Mechanicus themed 40k army, or just like creating your own machines of war this kit could be a great starting point. To grab some of these yourself or to see what other infantry weapons are available, head over to



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