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Space Hulk Army ShowcaseToday we are bringing you a fantastically painted set of miniatures from the limited edition Space Hulk board game. Space Hulk includes many particularly nice sculpts for the Blood Angels and Tyranids factions in the Warhammer 40k universe. This set has been painted by Vince of Figu Works as a commission, but we thought they looked so impressive that we asked Vince to write an article explaining some of his processes and techniques to help out other gamers. See below for some stunning paint jobs and Vince’s notes. – Graven Games

Space Hulk Army Showcase CorridorScene

Space Hulk

Steve asked me to showcase some of my recent work, and since Space Hulk has been rereleased it seems timely to focus on my recent job of painting one of these. I loved the setting of the game ever since I had the second edition box, and that’s what really got my creative juices flowing, the dark narrow corridors, the tension in the air, the drama. So it really suited the style of me work as I usually do darker looking minis than not. The minis some of the best designed ones by GW in my opinion and was great fun to have a go.


I decided early on that the Genestealers would be done with a different lighting than the Terminators to represent them lurking in the shadows and look generally scarier, while the Termintors crossing from the areas where power has been restored or illuminated by emergency lighting or flares perhaps, looking better lit. i achieved this buy doing a zenital pre-shade from below on the tyranids, and a double version of the same on the heroes of the imperium from above and also below.

Space Hulk Army Showcase SargeantpreshadeSpace Hulk Army Showcase Genestealer1



I mainly used interlocking layers of washes and whites during the process and so that I can mask the areas since washes show up more on white so you’re doing the edge highights for example with one color accross the whole model and once the washes are applied you only need to color it in so to speak.

Before and after 1 layer of washes.

Space Hulk Army Showcase SargeantDrybrushedSpace Hulk Army Showcase SargeantWashed



Washes also add to the realism by not drying evenly so I managed to achive a ‘dirty heavy machinery’ look to the terminator armors, which again played right into the theme envisaged. These poor guys would need to cram through narrow age old corroded shafts and guess what these armors were themselves age old anyway.

Space Hulk Army Showcase Flamer



I haven’t used any metallics for a while now, as I found a white dot in the right place makes for a better look than any metallic drybrush, wash, drybrush look, as this let’s me make the metal areas correspond with the lighting’s direction, having a more dramatic effect overall.

Space Hulk Army Showcase AssaultCannon

Gold bits were done with a layer of white drybrush, golden yellow thinned down, blazing orange thinned down even more, nuln oil and finally the white dots.

Space Hulk Army Showcase SargeantFinished

Overall this is a very quick technique but you have to plan a couple of steps ahead. This allowed for me to finish the 2 squads in 2 days.

Space Hulk Army Showcase Squad2Space Hulk Army Showcase Squad1



Again the main goal was to make them look terrifying. I went for the standard oldschool purple and blue theme all done with washes which makes the limbs look slightly translucent.

Space Hulk Army Showcase Genestealer1 (1)Space Hulk Army Showcase Genestealer2Space Hulk Army Showcase Broodlord

Finally I just added some transfers from the leman russ transfers like corridor markings and danger signs and the like.

Space Hulk Army Showcase Detail1Space Hulk Army Showcase Detail2


Well I hope I done them justice, and reading this was worthwhile for you. Stay tuned for more articles from me and in the meantime visit my facebook page for more or to get in touch. Also, here’s a step by step video guide on painting the Space Hulk Terminators above:


Vince is a full time collector, painter and dealer running an eBay store at the moment selling second hand and rare games workshop products at He’s also doing comissions and can be contacted on Facebook at

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