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stronghold terrainWe had a nice surprise in the mail today, a sample of resin terrain pieces kindly sent over from Stronghold Terrain in Germany. Stronghold Terrain make high quality terrain suitable for 25-30mm miniatures and are designed to fit with most fantasy and historical wargame settings. We think some of the samples they sent us would be great for use in post apocalyptic and other settings too.

On opening the package that Stronghold Terrain sent us, we found the three terrain pieces shown here from top to bottom, the Sandbag Emplacement, the recently released Burning Tyres set, and the fun looking Doghouse.

stronghold terrain 1

stronghold terrain 2

stronghold terrain 3


The Doghouse caught our eye, and so we decided to take a closer look at those parts first. As you can see they are cast from a high quality cream coloured resin, and contain a huge amount of detail.

stronghold terrain 4


The two pieces fit together as shown to complete this wonderfully characterful model. We feel it is very well sculpted, the kind of model you can spend ages looking at, just noticing all the little details. The Doghouse is available for 6.90 EUR and you can see a picture of this piece painted on the Stronghold Terrain site here: painted Doghouse.

stronghold terrain 5


Next up are the Burning Tyres, available at 11.90 EUR. This kit is cast in the same high quality resin, and again the details are super sharp, we’re amazed that stronghold have been able to cast these complicated flames so well.

stronghold terrain 6


We liked that the kit comes not only with several bases of burning tyres, but also various loose pieces so that you can personalise and add variation to this kit. As you can see, there are 4 burning tyre bases, 4 loose burning tyres, and also a loose fuel can. Stronghold Terrain did write to us to let us know that this kit also comes as standard with the “Smoke effect” (some special base coated cotton) as shown in this picture although they didn’t have any left to send us to review.

In the next picture we can see a small squad of 28mm Corporation Marines from Mantic Games working their way through the burning tyres.

stronghold terrain 7


The third terrain piece Stronghold Terrain sent us is the Sandbag Emplacement, available for 14.90 EUR and made up of 9 resin pieces that can be joined together to create a variety of defensive positions. As with the rest of Stronghold’s terrain we were sent, these are quality castings with no obvious cleaning up needed (although we would always suggest washing resin models before painting).stronghold terrain 8


In this picture we have placed the sandbag sections together as shown on Stronghold Terrain’s website, although as mentioned above, there is nothing stopping you from creating your own layout, or even buying multiple sets to to build something bigger.

stronghold terrain 9


Here you can see several of Mantic Games’ 28mm Corporation Marines making use of the Sandbag Emplacement.

stronghold terrain 10


And just for fun we decided to set up all of the terrain we were sent by Stronghold Terrain, to create this scene.

stronghold terrain 11


These are the first products we’ve seen from Stronghold Terrain, and we were impressed by the quality casting and great details on their models.  If you’d like to see painted examples of the terrain here, or see what else Stronghold Terrain have to offer, head over to



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