Studio Miniatures Zombies Review

studio miniatures zombies review“Join us today for a look at some extremely characterful 28mm Zombie miniatures from Studio Miniatures, a UK based miniature manufacturing company. Keen hobbyist Chris Keys talks us through what to expect with these and how he went about painting the various models in his own Zombie Horde. We think these minis have some great details, plenty of character, and would work well in post-apocalyptic themed war/skirmish games. ” – Graven Games

For longer than I care to remember I have been a massive fan of Hasslefree miniatures. Amongst over things they produce a spectacular range of “survivors”. These 28mm miniatures are great for all types of purposes, but particularly suit the zombie survivor genre very neatly. And it was through Hasslefree that I became aware of Studio Miniatures and their modern day zombie collection.

I originally bought a set of these around a year ago. I opted for “Zombie Horde 004” in which you get two of the eight figure sets of zombies plus a unique exclusive miniature. Once received, I gave them quite a basic paint job and then set them on my shelf to gather dust. It was only recently at my local gaming club, The Bexley Reapers, where they managed to get an airing. They were used in a special Halloween survival game which was based on the Dark Heresy rule set. While being a bit out of place in the 40k universe, they were roped in to bulk out the mob of undead.

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From what I remember, the castings were great. They are metal miniatures and come with 30mm lipped bases which I swapped for 25mm normal ones. I did have some trouble slotting them. I am a bit of a simple modeller and I generally don’t snip off the tabs then pin the miniature to its base. I prefer to just glue the miniature into the base via the tab and slot, and then cover that over with a basing material. The tabs on the miniatures I received were in some cases very small, which didn’t provide for the snug fit I often desire. This meant using modelling putty to fill in the glaring gaps. It wasn’t a big deal and certainly nothing that would put me off buying more.

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When it came to painting I primed them with black then painted on a simple basecoat followed by one highlight. For the flesh I decided on two main schemes. The first was a pale flesh. This was achieved with a basecoat of of the citadel foundation paint Tallarn Flesh and then a highlight of the old Elf Flesh. The second was green putrid colour. For this I again used a foundation paint to basecoat it which was Gretchin Green and I then highlighted with the old pale green Rotting Flesh.

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Each “Horde” bought comes with its own unique character. These are recognisable from various movies. The one I received can be seen in the 2005 Land of the Dead. Studio Miniatures also produce their own survivors’ collection, many of whom are again, recognisable as popular movie heroes.

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I really like the character each individual zombie has, it’s like they all have a narrative of their own. They do varying deviations of the zombie miniature including a wedding couple and my personal favourite, the clowns. And if you’re a fan of the left 4 dead computer games you may recognise a few of the others.



My name is Chris Keys and I am a gamer, painter and collector. I generally prefer fantasy themes over science fiction ones. I don’t mind a bit of kitsch which is often expressed in my fondness for games like Super Dungeon Explore and my admiration of female miniatures. I have my own rather unkempt personal blog at I also provide content for the Emperors 10th War gaming club YouTube channel.

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