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Devilstar Tech basesWelcome to today’s review of a collection of products from Devilstar Miniatures, a company who design and produce a varied range of miniatures and gaming accessories for 28, 32 and 54mm scales. In this review we will be focusing on Devilstar’s range of Tech Bases and Tech Objectives, designed to let you easily theme a whole army with the same style bases and have objectives that tie in with this same theme.

Here you can see how all of our bases and objectives arrived in their zip-lock bags with labels displaying Devilstar’s branding and listing the contents and scale. Each of the products are cast in a dark grey resin which has a nice smooth plastic-like feel to it.

Devilstar Tech bases 1


First of all we are going to take a look at the Tech Objectives which are available from Devilstar as a set of 5 for €6.25. These Tech Objectives come on 40mm round bases and are designed for 28mm wargaming.

Devilstar Tech bases 2


Each of the Tech Objectives is individually named on the Devilstar Miniatures website, in this photo we have the Recycle Station on the left and the Plasma Container on the right. Both are packed with tech details, and we can imagine they’d look great painted up in a grimy post apocalyptic scheme.

Devilstar Tech bases 3


Here we have the Pulse Generator on the left and the Power Module on the right, both of these are again packed with details and look like they would  be worth fighting over!

Devilstar Tech bases 4


And lastly we have a close up of the 5th piece, the Missile Silo. This is still on a 40mm base and as you can see is based around an armoured hatch which could contain a missile or anything else you want to fight over in your games.

Devilstar Tech bases 5


We think these Tech objectives are perfect for futuristic 28mm wargames like Warpath and Warhammer 40k, and could look great quickly painted up with some drybrushing, or you could have lots of fun going to town on them painting in all the details.


Also in Devilstar’s Tech range are Tech Bases, all of these are round bases and are cast in the same dark grey resin as the Tech Objectives. We’re going to start with the 60mm versions, the largest of the Tech Bases currently available, priced at €4,15 each. In the picture below you can see Tech Base set#1 and what we like about this is even though its packed with tech details, Devilstar have made sure to provide two flat areas so that you will be able to attach your models with ease. These two flat spaces make us think that these could be perfect for large bipedal models like the Wraithlord or Space Marine Dreadnought for Warhammer 40k, or for when you need to base multiple infantry on one base to work as a heavy weapons team or similar.

Devilstar Tech bases 6


60mm Tech Base set#2, gives you an alternative to the first 60mm base, so that you can have some variation in your army while still maintaining a common theme. This time there is a larger piece of tech debris on the base, but there are still two flatter areas either side of it for attaching your model(s).

Devilstar Tech bases 7


Next up we are moving on to the 40mm round Tech Bases, available at €5,85 for the set of 5 bases. These are designed for your heavier infantry models, and once again these are covered in different tech details.

Devilstar Tech bases 8


Here you can see the difference a scenic base can make. In this case we have taken one of Pig Iron Productions’ fantastic Wardroids which until recently has been standing on a standard plain 40mm round base. By replacing the plain base with the Tech Base, we’ve instantly added even more more character and detail to this piece, and now this rugged Wardroid looks like its stomping through a debris filled battlefield rather than standing on a display base.

Devilstar Tech bases 9

Devilstar Tech bases 10


For your troops and other models we have the 25mm Tech Bases, there are 2 different sets of these, each priced at €3,95 for 5 scenic bases. Below you can see 25mm Tech Base set#1 which follow the same theme as the other bases we’ve seen so far, including masses of tech debris and details. The base in the bottom right of this photo is more densely packed than the rest and so your model will need to stand on top of the tech details, raising them up a little higher than the rest of the squad. This could be a good opportunity to make you squad leader stand out.

Devilstar Tech bases 11

Here is 25mm Tech Base set#2, which is our personal favorite. Although it follows the same tech theme, these bases have some different details on them too, like the two gears on the base in the bottom left of the photo, and the mass of skulls on the one in the bottom right.

Devilstar Tech bases 12


Here you can see us testing out the 25mm Tech Bases with 2 28mm figures from different ranges. The figure on the left is a Steam Lord from Anvil Industry, and the right is a Space Marine From Games Workshop.

Devilstar Tech bases 13


Lastly is a picture of the entire Tech Range,  including all of the bases and objectives together.

Devilstar Tech bases 14

The Tech Base range is diverse enough to allow you to create a whole army on themed scenic bases, and we love that you can also have matching objectives to go with your army. If you’d like to pick up some of these bases or see what else is available, head over to


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