Terrain Foundry Crater Markers Review…

terrain foundry cratersEvery now and then a product is released that is so simple and so useful that you wonder how it hasn’t been thought of before. We think that Terrain Foundry’s flat, flexible PVC crater markers are one of these genius products, and they come with a whole host of benefits over traditional 3D craters designed for wargaming:

  • No painting or assembly needed
  • Flat so that your models can be placed on top easily
  • Lightweight for transport & storage
  • Durable and waterproof
  • Keep on reading for more…

Terrain Foundry’s range of crater markers, come in three different sizes to represent different sized explosions in your wargames. In the picture below you can see that we ordered 1 of the larger crater markers known as ‘Heavy Size’, 3 of the medium ‘Tank Size’ markers, and two of the smaller crater markers that Terrain Foundry have named ‘Walker Size’. The smallest crater markers are available at £1.30 each, the medium are £2.50, and the larger ‘Heavy Size’ are £3 with free delivery in the UK. Free shipping is available on international orders over £8, and Terrain Foundry have set up special deals where you can make significant savings if buying these craters in multiples of 3, 5, or 10.

terrain foundry craters 1


Here is a closeup of one of the crater markers, as you can see, it would look great on a wargaming table even though it is totally flat. The flexible PVC it is made of is durable, lightweight and waterproof which means its easy to store and is no problem to transport if you are taking your army a to friend or club for a game.

terrain foundry craters 2


The reverse of each crater marker is white and the Tank Size and Heavy Size markers come printed with the Terrain Foundry website address printed on them.

terrain foundry craters 3


In some wargames when a vehicle is destroyed there is a chance of it exploding and leaving a crater on the battlefield. We think that these crater markers are ideal to represent this and so we have taken some size comparison photos so that you can see which craters are best for your needs. To test out the Walker Size marker, we grabbed one of Games Workshop’s Space Marine Dreadnoughts, and as you can the crater is just the right size for its 60mm base.

terrain foundry craters 4


We tested out the Tank Size crater marker with a Space Marine Rhino from Warhammer 40k. This clearly shows that this is the crater you will need for most of your average sized tanks and other vehicles.

terrain foundry craters 5


The largest crater marker known as Heavy Size, was a perfect fit for the Space Marine Land Raider, showing that you’ll need this marker to represent larger vehicles (..or even buildings?!) exploding.

terrain foundry craters 6


The next picture illustrates how easily infantry models can be placed on top of the crater. In this case it’s a Space Marine Tactical Squad, taking cover in a Tank Size crater marker. Our 10 man squad fitted nicely on here, but but you could fit quite a few more models on here if you put them closer together. After years of carefully balancing miniatures around traditional 3D crater models, it’s a delight to be able to place them down without fear of them tumbling off!

terrain foundry craters 7


Another great option with these flat craters is that if your vehicle explodes next to a building, you might have a tough time fitting your 3D crater in the right place, whereas Terrain Foundry’s crater markers slip easily beneath the building – problem solved! In the same vein, what happens if you vehicle takes heavy damage and ends up exploding on uneven ground? Again, you might find it hard to place a rigid 3D crater model, but Terrain Foundry’s markers will simply curve to the shape of the terrain you place it on. Here you can see one of Terrain Foundry’s crater markers beneath a building from Games Workshop.

terrain foundry craters 8


While playing around with our markers, we also realised that they can easily be overlapped if you want to represent a larger crater on your battlefield. In addition to this, particularly nasty battles can be accurately represented by being able to pile these crater markers up when there are multiple vehicles exploding in the same area.

terrain foundry craters 9


We are impressed with the amount of options that Terrain Foundry’s craters open up to us in our wargames. We still think there is a place for traditional sculpted craters on our battlefields as they can be painted up as great pieces of static scenery, but its hard to beat these flexible PVC crater markers for representing vehicle explosions, and for ease of transport. We think Terrain Foundry are really onto something with their flexible PVC products and we’d definitely like to see what else could be added to their range, we’d love to see some flexible PVC roads and/or rivers in future.

If you’d like to order or learn more, head over to http://www.terrainfoundry.co.uk/.


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