Tobsen77 Mononef and Maximilian Review…

Mononef and MaximilianToday’s review covers two extremely characterful models from Tobsen77 Miniaturen, a company based in Germany who specialise in steampunk & pulp sci-fi style miniatures. The majority of the Tobsen77 range of minis are roughly 28mm in scale and all are hand cast from resin. We will be looking at the Maximilian kit (a clunky robot prone to malfunctions) and the Mononef kit, a small submarine with plenty of character and weapons.

Here you can see the two Tobsen77 kits we have, and how they arrived in their boxes with images of completed/painted kits on the front. The Maximilian kit is priced at 10 Euros (~$12.25), and the Mononef is 18 Euros (~$22).

Mononef and Maximilian 1


We decided to take a look at the Mononef kit first, a chunky little submarine with two front mounted guns and two bombs mounted at the rear. This kit is listed on the Tobsen77 site as suitable for 15 & 28mm wargaming.

Mononef and Maximilian 2


The contents of the kit were carefully wrapped in a white paper bag within the box.

Mononef and Maximilian 3


The contents of the bag are shown below. As you can see the kit is cast in a cream coloured resin and includes several metal parts, plus a transparent plastic flight stand.

Mononef and Maximilian 4


The parts are well cast for the most part, but as you can see in the picture below, we had a couple of tiny bubbles were there should have been rivets.

Mononef and Maximilian 5


In assembling the Mononef, we started by gluing the top and bottom of the hull together, plus the small turret on top.

Mononef and Maximilian 6


We then attached the tall pipe to the back and the fins to the sides.

Mononef and Maximilian 7


Lastly we attached the weapons and stand. We had two different sized sets of metal gun barrels in the kit, we chose the smaller set out of personal preference. Our Mononef didn’t come with a hole for the flight stand, so we drilled a small hole in the bottom using a hobby drill. As you can see the finished model is a very fun looking little submarine!

Mononef and Maximilian 8

Mononef and Maximilian 9


Here is a picture of a painted Mononef from the Tobsen77 website.

Mononef and Maximilian 10


Next up we are looking at the Maximilian kit. We love the description of this model on the Tobsen77 site “i-am-your-friend—i-protect-you—i-won’t-hurt-you—hurt-you—chr-chr-chr–ERROR—MALFUNCTION-DETECTED—must-kill—must-kill…

Mononef and Maximilian 11


Again, this kit came wrapped in a white paper bag within its box.

Mononef and Maximilian 12


Inside the bag were the resin parts shown, plus a smaller bag containing the metal parts that make up the arms. It also comes with a 40mm base (not shown).

Mononef and Maximilian 13


We started by assembling the resin parts as shown.

Mononef and Maximilian 14


We then added the metal arms and base to complete the model.

Mononef and Maximilian 15


Here is Maximilian with a 28mm Pig Iron Productions Kolony Rebel for scale.

Mononef and Maximilian 16


Here is a painted Maximilian kit from the Tobsen77 website.

Mononef and Maximilian 17


What cool little models! Tobsen77 definitely have a style of their own and have created some very fun kits that would work well in pulp sci-fi and steampunk themed games. We liked the Maximillian kit in particular and can imagine this robot roaming the wastelands in games with post-apocalyptic settings. If you’re looking for a characterful model to add to your collection, head over to Tobsen77 Miniaturen and check out the rest of the range.

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