Tsunami Portable Missile Launcher Review

tsunami portable missile launcherIn today’s review we are looking at the Tsunami Portable Missile Launcher available from Bitspudlo, a mean looking heavy weapon system suitable for use in 28mm sci-fi wargames including Warhammer 40k. We’ve already reviewed Bitspudlo’s larger vehicle mounted version the Torquemada Launcher, so we were interested to see how this portable version compares, and the various ways we could use it in our games.

The Tsunami Portable Missile Launcher kit we ordered is available for $4.83 (around £3) and is from the Infantry Weapons and Accessories section of Bitspudlo’s site.

tsunami portable missile launcher 1


Here are the 3 parts that make up this kit, the missile pod, and 2 parts which make up the tripod base. All parts are cast in a very light coloured resin, and only needed a little cleaning up before use.

tsunami portable missile launcher 2


We like the shape and design of the Tsunami Missile Launcher, it looks solid and deadly with its many missiles and various armour plates and details.

tsunami portable missile launcher 3

tsunami portable missile launcher 4

tsunami portable missile launcher 5


The tripod base in this kit also works well, and we like that the loose leg is designed to fit over a peg (see second picture) to make assembly extremely easy.

tsunami portable missile launcher 6

tsunami portable missile launcher 7


The assembled tripod is a useful piece on its own, you could easily add other heavy weapons on top of this, or even something like a radar dish or some communication equipment.

tsunami portable missile launcher 8


The Tsunami Missile Launcher fits onto the tripod and stays there without the need for gluing, which allows this weapon to be turned 360 degrees as needed. We think it looks really good!

tsunami portable missile launcher 9

tsunami portable missile launcher 10


Here we have placed the Tsunami Portable Missile Launcher with a 28mm Warhammer 40k Space Marine for scale. As you can see these kits work well together, and we can definitely imagine them being useful in Space Marine and Imperial Guard armies.

tsunami portable missile launcher 11

tsunami portable missile launcher 12


Another possibility with these is that they can be used to represent missile pods mounted on heavy infantry. In the pictures below we are using the Tsunami Missile Launcher as a ‘counts as’ Cyclone Missile Launcher on this Space Marine Terminator from Games Workshop, simply by attaching it on top of his armour.

tsunami portable missile launcher 13

tsunami portable missile launcher 14

tsunami portable missile launcher 15


Lastly, we thought that these could also be used to represent smaller missile systems that are sometimes mounted on vehicles as a backup weapon. In the picture below we have used the Tsunami Missile Launcher in place of a Hunter Killer Missile on this Warhammer 40k Space Marine Rhino.

tsunami portable missile launcher 16


Overall we’re very fond of this little kit, it looks good and has lots of possible uses in our armies. The price seems reasonable and the casting was good, very little cleaning up was needed before use. If you can think of any other ways to use this or have any other thoughts on it, let us know in the comments below. If you’d like to see what else Bitspudlo have to offer, head over to http://bitspudlo.com/.

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