Void 1.1 Tiger Sci-Fi APC Review

Tiger Sci-Fi APCToday we’re looking at another classic model available from Scotia Grendel, the 28mm Tiger sci-fi APC. This huge walking tank is just one of the many great models that are tucked away in the Scotia Grendel store. This one reminds us of the towering AT-AT’s from the Star Wars films …who wouldn’t want one of those in their army?! Scotia Grendel are based in Scotland and have been in the miniatures business for nearly 30 years.

Our Tiger APC arrived as shown below, boxed with artwork showing an assembled and painted Tiger APC, and a note letting us know this kit is made up of both white metal and resin parts. The Tiger APC is priced at £30 (around $47), and for that you get a very large walking tank for your wargames.

Tiger Sci-Fi APC 1


When we opened the box, we found that the contents were well protected with both bubble wrap and packing foam.

Tiger Sci-Fi APC 2


The first of the bubble wrap packages that we opened  contained two large pieces of resin, a smaller resin dome, and a bag of metal hatches and aerials.

Tiger Sci-Fi APC 3


The second bag contained another large resin body piece, the four resin legs and the feet.

Tiger Sci-Fi APC 4


We realised that we were missing the chin mounted gatling gun (I guess we got extra hatches/aerials instead), so we contacted Scotia Grendel and here is the replacement gun they sent over.

Tiger Sci-Fi APC 5


The parts are nicely detailed as you can see in this large piece which will become the top of the Tiger APC’s hull.

Tiger Sci-Fi APC 6


On this part which will be the lower body, you can see the feint outlines of where the legs should attach to help you to easily get a stable pose.

Tiger Sci-Fi APC 7


Here you can see the four legs, each one is slightly different and they are only detailed on the 3 sides that are visible once the model is constructed.

Tiger Sci-Fi APC 8


We like the chunky feet supplied in this kit, they look solid enough to support the Tiger APC’s weight.

Tiger Sci-Fi APC 9


After washing the resin pieces in soapy water, we started to build our Tiger APC by gluing the two large resin pieces that make up the body together using superglue.

Tiger Sci-Fi APC 10


Next, we turned our Tiger on its back and glued on the legs using markings on the body as a guide. (Aww, poor turtle can’t get up!)

Tiger Sci-Fi APC 11


Once the legs had dried, we turned our Tiger APC back over and attached the feet.

Tiger Sci-Fi APC 12


With the main body assembled it was time to work on the head/cockpit. We glued the small dome to the back, followed by the hatch, and aerial to the top. The chin mounted gun could then be added to the bottom, although its not shown in this photo as we were waiting for our replacement when this photo was taken.

Tiger Sci-Fi APC 13


And here is the assembled mean machine! This is a large model, and will look very intimidating on the battle field.

Tiger Sci-Fi APC 14

Tiger Sci-Fi APC 15


Here you can see the Tiger APC next to another huge model we reviewed from Scotia Grendel, the Nexus Storm Strider (See the review here).

Tiger Sci-Fi APC 16


Here is the Tiger APC next to a 28mm Kolony Rebel from Pig Iron Productions for scale (See our Kolony Rebel review here).

Tiger Sci-Fi APC 17


We think the Tiger sci-fi APC is a great looking model, and we plan to use ours to represent an Imperial Guard Chimera in our Warhammer 40k games, although it could easily fit in with other games too. There are plenty of flat areas on this model which will make it easy if you wanted to do some conversion work, or simply add some more weapons, and it should look good with even a basic paint job. If you’d like to get your own Tiger sci-fi APC or check out the rest of Scotia Grendel’s range, head over to http://www.scotiagrendel.com/.

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